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Author: Sands Hetherington
Illustrator: Jessica Love
Publisher: Dune Buggy Press
ISBN: 978-0-9847417-3-1

You’re askin’ me? What can I say? We’re way up here in the stratosphere in a racin’ blimp, an’ there’s this dumb school bus doggin’ us, as’ you’re askin me what t’ do?” John questions in Sands Hetherington’s children’s book, Night Buddies Go Sky High.

Third in the Night Buddies series, this one hundred and forty-four page paperback targets middle-school aged children or those who enjoy fantasy-filled action books. With no profanity or scary scenes, it would make an acceptable bed or quiet time story. With intentionally misspelled words and capitalization and punctuation errors that may confuse young readers, a purposeful note is included to challenge the reader to look for them.

Brown-eyed John Degraffenreidt will not be going back to sleep after a hissing iguana has entered his bedroom. When red crocodile Crosley rescues the boy by using a pineapple cheesecake, the two are requested to participate in another Program for the Night Buddies.

Flying in the racin’ blimp complete with a treat machine, gas heat log, and oxygen tank, they are asked to ascend nineteen-point-six miles above Borough to find out what is the moving dot in the sky Big Foot Mae pointed out.

When the two friends discover it is an empty school bus that follows them back to solid ground, they need Bro Crenwinkle’s help understanding the Manual of what to do with the wayward vehicle. With Crusted Cream Fro-Madges, oyster tacos, steamed root beer, and backgammon, lots of Brorps, Gruks, Hars, Hoogs, Wuks, and Yerks are given involving the upgas modulator, hover-lok, and ladderlower on the fuselage-stiffened blimp that transports them to save the day.

In spite of the distracting misspellings, font changes, and quirky dialect, some readers will be delighted in this silly story that will leave them, no doubt, flummoxed but thankful that John and Cros have solved another problem.

Winner of seven writing awards, author Hetherington majored in history and has a M.F.A. in creative writing and a M.A. in English. Living in North Carolina, he credits his son for being his principal motivator when it comes to writing. Illustrator Love studied printmaking, drawing, and acting. She works in New York as an actress and artist. Her pencil sketches are easy to understand and follow the storyline.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and Dune Buggy Press for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for an honest review based on the reader’s opinion.