Author: Gary Corbin

ISBN: 978-0692642689

Publisher: Double Diamond Publishing

Sometimes what seems to be the truth or you think is reality is not. A fight with his wife learning she is having an affair with someone else leads Peter Robertson on a downward spiral that will take him back to one night when he took someone’s life only to learn the truth that will haunt him in the present.

Arguing with the man he thinks is sleeping with his wife, having followed him from the restaurant they were having dinner, Peter never once realizes that the car he is following and the man he would eventually murder is not the man Marcia, his wife is having the affair with and the murder that he committed in a violent and tragic rage is about to create a situation that Peter will come face to face with as he serves on a jury and learns that the defendant is charged with the murder he committed. Hoping to get off of the case and not being chosen for the jury, he confides in his best friend and decides to remain quiet for now as the author shares the jury selection and although he tries to answer in a way to get him off the case he does not succeed.

Finding some solace in befriending one of the other jurors, Peter finds himself knee deep in what might be the toughest situation he’s ever faced as the trial begins, the photos of the incident are graphic and the truth is about to unravel Peter like a sweater where one thread comes lose as the owner unravels it piece by piece. The tension rises even more as Peter reflects often out loud about different aspects of evidence found as he falls prey to the wiles of one of the jurors, listens carefully to the testimony, has to deal with his mother having another stroke and then hit right between the eyes when one of the nurses relates she knew the murder victim. Will Peter decide to find a way to get off of this jury?

Will he use his mother as an excuse or is he so transfixed by the events, what is being presented that he hopes the defendant gets off and he gets away with murder. As you meet the members of the jury you realize that some are quite astute like Dolores who seems to be listening quite intently and Larry who makes the coffee but is on target with his remarks and then Peter whose bodily movements and demeanor should have triggered some red flags but no one was paying that kind of attention to him at least not yet.

This is a complex plot dealing with one man’s guilt, lack or remorse, moral values, survival, revenge and a jealousy that cost one man his life and another might pay for a crime he might not have committed or did Alvin Dark pay for flirting with Martina Aguilar hiding their true relationship from the people at the restaurant where they both worked, did not see Marcia and her boyfriend leave at the same time and Raul Vasquez followed him out and the end result is Dark was killed.

As Peter views the photos and listens to the detective and medical examiner’s testimonies you realize his fears, his body begins to show signs of stress yet no one picks up on at. But, Peter was making some unfortunate slips and at times it looked like he might be giving it away that he was the killer by some lips of the tongue during the testimony of Martina and other witnesses.

Take a bottle and close it up so tight that there is no air in it for anything to breath. As Peter becomes more embroiled in the case at hand and the evidence against Raul comes to light he begins to weave the events into his own remembrance of what really happens. The air within him as it does when a tire blows goes out, he begins to feel flushed, needs air and receives a call about his mother, her release from the hospital, his sister’s misguided help and his friend’s desperate need of hope.

Will he ever find freedom in his own mind from the guilt, remorse, revenge, and frustration and fear that he will be found out? Will the air ever get back inside that tire or bottle and renew his spirit? Struggling with his own guilt, then having his sister deciding to try and control his mother’s care, Christine the juror he befriended thinking she knows there is more to his involvement in the case and his best friend stating he’s betrayed.

Choices are made and sides are drawn as the trial comes to an end and each juror has to make a statement requiring being truthful or untruthful and one with the intention to deceive. Raul Vasquez’s voice is heard and the courtroom is silent as each one takes away something else from his testimony. A manipulation you won’t believe. A jury that is divided and then comes together at the end but why and how?

A conductor raises his arms as he begins to conduct the orchestra making sure that they are playing in proper precision. When his hands are finally lowered and this conductor stands still facing the audience with an ending that will shock readers as the jury decides the fate of one man while the conductor sits back and watches as each one conducts their own brand of Lying in Judgment of another.