Follow Here To Purchase Trivia Quiz & Pub Quiz Book: InQUIZitive (Volume IV)

Author: Sumit Dhar   

Publisher: Sumit Dhar  


                                                  Quiz Questions With a Difference

In today’s fast paced urban lifestyle, everything must be condensable. This is the reason for the great popularity of the bite-sized, feel good spirituality of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and other similar books. This trend has also revitalized the publishing industry, going by the increased demand for ebooks. Newer formats are being developed to express the truths emerging in this sea-changed scenario because people are writing as never before.

In this quick learning environment, quiz books have an important role to play. Quiz competitions are popular sought-after events where, incidents of no great significance in the Now moment, apart from a time bound public interest,. are given a mention. That is where this series of books comes in, they are a perfect reservoir of question banks that can be put to good use whenever a quiz competition is scheduled.

Trivia” as the author uses it, are an important part of  Life. They are the small details around events, both ordinary or major, that makes them special and memorable, long after they have been shunted out from public memory. Focusing attention on the background of these events  through well formulated questions so that the holographic memory of that particular event comes alive, is the purpose of this book.

This is the fourth in the series of books by Sumit Dhar on trivia. Not having seen the earlier three, I cannot compare this book to those that have appeared earlier in the series. However, what there is to see, impresses and supplies many “Aha” moments. For instance, the story behind the words “kowtow” and “vandals” among others are related. Other questions tell the story of some not so well known facts about famous people, Mike Tyson among them. Yet others, deal with the reason behind the names of famous cities, Seattle among them, or even chain stores like Best Buy.

There are twenty pages of questions, five on each page. Every one of these trivia is well chosen and explained in´depth. The author has a knack for framing questions in a way that whets the appetite because you want to know more. All in all, a great  and light read while on the road, and a worthy substitute for your Sudoku.

Warmly recommended.