Author: William P. Crawford

ISBN: 978-1439235300

Publisher: BookSurge, LLC

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The Lake, described as science fiction meets environmental commentary, debut novel written by William P. Crawford—a respected author of nautical nonfiction—will soothe you with a vision of Jeff’s predicament of joining an old college buddy’s company as a PR rep after suffering a scandal that nearly ended his career. Then suddenly the narrative snatches you unawares and refuses to release until you’ve absorbed its final chapter.

All’s well in the neighborhood as Jeff, a widow with twin boys who stay at his in-laws, settles in at his new job and becomes friendly with the Irish beauty next door. But alas, the easy living in California for which Jeff was hoping comes to a raging standstill as one of the lakes—Lake Crowley—his friend Chet’s company overseas begins behaving in the oddest way. An earthquake opens a crevice at the bottom of the lake, causing unknown elements to seep into the water and give it medicinal properties. The news of this discovery causes a worldwide upheaval and Jeff, Chet, along with Governor Lindero and President Weston must act quickly so the whole world doesn’t trample California with hopes of drinking from the fountain of youth.

The stakes get higher when everyone realizes that the water also acts as a truth serum. Being compelled to tell the truth could prove rather inconvenient to a lot of people. Is losing one’s discretion worth a lifetime of health?

What’s more is chemists stumble upon the bad news that the water’s magical attributes have a four-month shelf life. If another earthquake forces the fissure under Lake Crowley closed, all the water of the lake will have lost its unique properties in a mere sixteen weeks. Now the scientists must race against time to formulate a synthetic in case such an occurrence does happen.

The Lake sprints from start to finish so quickly the reader may forget to breath. The novel’s short chapters and unencumbered prose urge the reader to progress at a pace that could dizzy a Formula One driver.

But The Lake’s intense plot and whiplash pacing aren’t what make it rise above mediocrity. This phenomenon has Crawford’s plush dialogue and engaging Irish legend-telling to thank. The characters are archetypal, their dialogue is always thoughtful, even in the midst of banter, and I couldn’t have expected a better telling of Irish history from poets and bards.

With The Lake, Crawford showed his prestige with the pen and never ceased to pull out all the stops. I look forward to what the future holds for Mr. Crawford’s fiction writing career.

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