Follow Here To Purchase The Organ Broker: A Novel

Author: Stu Strumasser

ISBN: 978-1628725230

Publisher: Arcade Publishing

Supply and demand is what most people in business focus on. Something the public wants and the demand for it if you know where to find it will help your business soar and you bank account rise. Jack Trayner understands supply and demand. As a young teen he learned after leaving his abusive home, his father who was more than cruel to him, Jack found a way to profit in life.   Putting himself through NYU law school using his profits from selling drugs on the street and to making sure he had enough suppliers was his road to success.

Money was to be made in another lucrative business and an encounter with an old acquaintance turns him on to something that would certainly change his life and supposedly help others have a better one he, listens, hesitates and then decides that this might be a way to not only help people with little hope to live but profit as well. When this person who is in renal failure asks Jack to find him a kidney at first he’s not sure if he can deliver. But, being smart, resourceful and using his contacts from the past, Jack develops a base of clients, suppliers and doctors who will make this happen. Finding kidneys and livers from South Africa and not really concerned how these organs come to him or why, Jack, or New York Jack as he is referred to becomes the most popular Organ Broker. 

Author Stu Strumwasser takes us inside the many places that Jack frequents as we learn how deals are made, find out how he prospers as an organ broker, where you get illegal organs and the way the process works in a business that is lucrative and is going on today. Developing a network that would take him all over the world, finding hospitals and buyers where the procedure would be done safely. Jack’s rationale is that he’s helping people but at a large profit. Imagine having to wait years for a kidney when paying for one would get you what you need faster. Why wait and place yourself on a long list where you might never get what you need in time?

Meeting Dr. Mel Wolff who operates a transplant center in Africa and his friend Pierre Klienhas who searches and finds the donors, Jack’s business does well. Added in he meets Dr. Juan Guillermo in Brazil who suggested they do business. But, helping rich people get well and going through the process each times changes his perspective in many ways as Jack does something out of his comfort zone. Contacting organ recipients to find out how they are doing puts many of them on edge and others shying away hoping he does not contact them again.

As you read and learn more you will understand the fears that many face today and why people turn to the black market for help. When the reality of what he’s doing sets in Jack might decide to change course. What if getting an organ required taking the life of the donor?  From South Africa, to South America to New York Jack finds his glory in the deal and the sale as this self-assured and self-made young man has to rethink his moral values, decide if he’s really helping others or needs to find a way to get out but will his partner, Wallace Kendrickson give him that latitude?

Relationships do not last as Jack goes from one to another but the author reflects on a girl named Carrie Franco, a law student at NYU that takes his heart and even more. Learning about her they get into a solid rhythm as Carrie becomes part of his drug world too but the rest is kept secret. Years pass and Jack’s business flourishes and then someone contacts him claiming to be his son and needing his special skills to obtain a heart for his lover. But, can Jack deliver on something so impossible and will his contacts ever come through to save Phillip’s life?

As things come to a boil and Jack has to decide where his life is going two very telling letters would determine his final end. Phillip and Marc: Will Phillip survive and at what cost? Will Jack fulfill his promise to help save his life? An ending that will change your perception of Jack, help readers understand the gravity of organ donations and the impact of the black market. The Organ Broker is a powerful novel that everyone should read.