Author: Libby Outlaw
Publisher: Create Space
ISBN: 1478189725

The month is November. The year is 2012.  It’s less than a month away from when the sun’s elliptical path will cross the serpent’s mouth (a black hole) in the Milky Way potentially fueling hurricanes, earthquakes, global warming and rising oceans of epic proportion and ending the world as it is known today.  Author Libby Outlaw uses this setting as the backdrop for her first novel In La Kesh.

In La Kesh is a Mayan greeting meaning “I am a (mirror) reflection of you as you are of me” and is the story of two women (Mesa and Daughter) who travel spiritual journeys centuries apart and yet whose journeys interact in a cosmological sense.  While paralleling Mesa’s story is the story of Daughter - a young mother who lives in 153 B.C.E. and becomes a stargazer for the Mayan tribe at Itzapa - it is Mesa’s story that features most predominantly in this novel.

Willow, Mesa’s grandmother, is a healer steeped in the Mayan culture and when she unexpectedly dies, Mesa discovers her grandmother’s most unusual pre-Estate-settlement requirement.  Before Willow’s Estate can be settled, four of her personal effects must be returned to their place of origin in Mexico and Mesa is the appointed courier.  The treasures (two 8” clay figures: one, a Mayan woman wearing ceremonial headdress and gown; a second, a male wearing jaguar’s costume made into a musical pipe ... an 8 1/2” x 4” pale yellow large crystalline stone that appears to be one half of a split crystal ... a large conch-like shell) were puzzles to be solved … intriguing symbols of past and present. Mesa discovers that her grandmother’s invitation to escape the materialistic world and journey with the four objects would present her with lessons and wisdom from ancient ways.  And she not only discovers how to keep power, passion, arrogance and adoration in a relationship with Silas her childhood friend who journeys with her in balance, but how her life can be spiritually enriched in ways she had never before considered.

Guided by synergistic connections that both confuse and intrigue her, Mesa is able to return three of the items to various ancient ruins, caves and islands of the ancient Mayans and discovers the importance of having her creative soul come forward and “not succumb to walking another person’s journey.” But before she can return the fourth item, she discovers a deeply hidden family secret that sets her on a new course and offers a most unexpected twist to the novel.

This is a gentle story that invites readers to learn about the Mayan culture of long ago, the ongoing gift of healers in yesterday’s and today’s communities, and the spiritual connection between human beings and nature through the stories of Daughter and Mesa.   Weaving the historical past and present, reaching through time and space, the seen and unseen, the author brings her characters to life in beautifully poetic, eloquent and descriptive language and a plot that both intrigues and captivates.

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