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Author and Illustrator: M. Anu Narasimhan
Publisher: Mascot Books
ISBN: 978-1-63177-0142-2

All but one Devta that is, who couldn’t help notice, that the parrot tried to keep his friends safe and sound regardless of his size or the dangers that abound,” M. Anu Narasimhan writer in her children’s book,The Little Parrot and the Angel’s Tears.

At thirty-eight pages, this over-sized hardbound book targets preschool to early elementary school aged children who enjoy fanciful tales of animals and make-believe spirits. With no scary scenes, some of the complicated words should be read out loud to beginner readers.

With the first-time author also being the illustrator, the rudimentary but expressive, colorful designs are usually on one side of the page while black easy-to-read font is on the opposite page. With bright colors catching the readers’ eyes, the book is meant to promote South Asian culture and Indian folk tales told to the writer by her grandmothers.

In this story told in rhyme, a little parrot lived in a forest, always regretting his small stature and wishing he was bigger or taller like the other animals who lived there.

One day while looking out of his tree window, he saw smoke rising from the trees in the forest. Unlike the other animals who lived in the woods, he could fly above the trees to see below. Wanting to help his friends that could be in danger, he wondered how he could help as he was so tiny and small.

Flying to a nearby stream, he scooped up water with his wings and tried to douse the fire that was growing larger. But it was to no avail. Divine spirits named Devtas who roamed the earth noticed the little bird trying to save his friends. Some of the Devtas laughed at his rescue attempts, telling him to fly away to safety.

The parrot continued to try to save his friends. One Devta saw the bird’s tenacity and was so touched by his efforts that he started crying. The tears the spirit shed were so much that they rained down on the fire and put it out, saving all the animals who were thankful to the parrot.

Although some may question the promotion of unknown divine spirits, this is a charming tale that shows how one’s determination and love for friends conquers fear and insecurities.

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