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Author: Gary Brill

ISBN: 978-1-4912-8923-5

Gary Brill, author of Driving In Budapest, moved to Budapest and learned a lot about the people that live there, visit there, and get by in the country. He found love and hope that helped to conquer fear and stagnation. Mr. Brill describes the culture, architecture, food and drink with intimate emotions and words. The reader can practically feel they are living in this travelogue.

Regarding the city of Budapest, Mr. Brill mentions the following on the back cover: “Budapest is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, with one foot firmly in the west, with one foot firmly in the west and the other just as firmly in the east. A score of armies have marched through, usually. A score of armies have marched through, usually going east to victory and west in defeat.” An interesting dynamic for any history buff. “The city is over 1,000 years old, and its narrow streets and broad avenues make it a challenge to drive in while its history and flavor can make it difficult to navigate your way through life there as well.” Despite the challenges Mr. Brill embraced the culture and flavor of the people and the place entirely.

Travel for Gary Brill was predominately via cab where he connected with many, one in particular, interesting chap(s) to share time and swap stories with. Over a period of months Mr. Brill met and interacted with families that helped him to better understand the culture there and the people too. He was impressed how warmly there greeted family and special friends. He longed to open up his heart and mind to this endearing possibility. Aniko, his love, showed him the way to do both.

About the people in this story Mr. Brill suggests the following. (2014, back cover) “This collection of stories show how a disparate group of people try to do just that, live their lives with the ghosts of the past and the hopes for the future in a city that knows both.”

For me, this book read more as a memoir than a novel. It was simply written such that every person could understand the types of places and people that Mr. Brill met, befriended, and learned the most from during his visit to Budapest. Whether you have personally been to Budapest or hope to get there one day this book might prove insightful in helping you to understand this ancient culture and some of the nuances of her people.