Author: Brian Barlics
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
ISBN:  978-1-61296-195-8

As children we all have had our share of worries. Fear of darkness is, one of the major issues that every little child has to face at least once while growing up. Though adults are always around but can they be of help…always? I am afraid to say that once we are all grown up we often fail to see the magnitude of the fear that the little ones have to endure. We often dismiss their fears as just a ‘child’s tale’ or simply choose to ignore them. At times we even ask children to be ‘brave’ or stuff their impressionable minds with ‘adult wisdom’ which does not help them even one bit.

In fact it does just the opposite; it oppresses the mental faculty of a child and makes him feel unwanted and vulnerable. His fear turns inwards and mocks and tests him. But since, we have failed him once hence; he would look for solitude in ways that may harm him in the long run. Now let us consider a second scenario, if instead of, say, giving them lectures on bravery, we focus on providing them with solutions that helps them gain confidence then would they not be more open with us? If we teach them to work around their fears and deal with them in a creative way then would they not learn a valuable lesson in tackling challenges? In this way will we not actually be making them brave in truest sense? If we ask them to mock the mocking fears then would it not help them feel more self-confident?

This is what this fundamentale narrates but that is not all. This small tale also has a message for parents to make them understand the delicate situation of a child. It teaches them to be sensitive and look for out-of-box ways to help the young. Written by Brian Barlics, this fundamentale narrates the story of one such little creature that too is afraid of darkness and he too is slighted by fellow beings. But friendship and creativity helps him escape the fear of darkness and he becomes a happy and a confident child. This is a wonderful tale that is a must read for little kids. It would help the parents understand their little ones better and see the little world of their child. The use of easy vocabulary is another plus point of this book. Children are attracted by pictures and rhyming notes, this book has those in aplenty. Who wouldn’t want to have a book like this for their little angels?

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