Author: P. Christina Greenaway

Publisher: Girl by the Sea Publishing

ISBN: 0615949878

ISBN-13: 978-0615949871

               A Love Story on Different Planes

This is not your usual love story where the main actors are paramount and conceive their life stories with decisions taken by themselves in the present, and many or most of the facts relevant to the story pertain to the existing lifetime. In this book, the protagonists live out decisions taken by them in another time and space. And we get to see a fine and entirely plausible interplay of the main characters with the river spirit of Cornwall, viz., Tamara, who not only provides a timeless link between the past and present, but also plays a major role from behind the scenes in influencing the lives and decisions of the protagonists as well. We also get to see the workings of the Dark Forces in a form designed uniquely by the author.

Princess Li’ ram of the Ruby Kingdom of Ruberah has been betrothed to Da’kra of the Emerald Kingdom but their union has catastrophic consequences for Ruberah as the essences of the Ruby and Emerald Kingdoms are not compatible. Setting sail to her new home, she calls upon her soul guide, River Spirit, Tamara, and, in order to atone, vows to enter the Black Heart and rescue someone for the benefit of another.

Cut to Penrose Hall, August 2010. Enter Miriam Lewis, a real estate broker and her companion Mitch Devere, a travel writer, both from New York on a visit to Cornwall. Miriam’s intention is to induce Mitch to marry her. However, Miriam’s vow as the erstwhile Princess Li’ ram gets her to choose willy nilly to participate in Tamara’s efforts to rescue Lara, the mistress of Penrose Hall, who has been abducted by the Dark Forces and thus fulfil her vow. A host of other characters come in, one of them being Kate, Lara’s daughter, who, in a former lifetime was So’laria, Li ‘ram’s sister. The Dark Forces are represented by Gwenellen, a buxom young woman, who shapeshifts. Comic relief is provided by a pair of giants, Tavy and Tawridge, who are Tamara’s wards. Wisdom and guidance comes from the Earth’s heart through a voice called Gold. Gold opens up for Tamara, the mists that form the collective unconscious of the wisdom of Rubera and her memories of being River Spirit.

Why didn’t I stop the tragedy that caused “The Ending” (of Ruberah)? Tamara asks the mists.

You could not. Man is his own master. He is as wise as any of us, he’s just working in the physical world trying to remember..”

Tamara’s story proceeds as follows:

As the River Tamar is formed, Ruberians start to reincarnate on Earth… hundreds of them find her river. With great joy in her heart, Tamara guides them to fulfil the acts of atonement written in their sacred futures.”

The text is fast and free flowing, a joy to read. It affirms the fact, more than many other books that I know of, that all we are, is flowing energy, that anything could happen at a moment’s notice, that all we think, say or do has consequences. The descriptions of the outer physical scenery as a reflection of the inner, is unusually detailed and evocative, almost like a fast, chemical reaction, once the right ingredients are administered.

This is a book that has been written on several planes. The main characters have their own agendas on the physical, which they put aside, willingly or unknowingly, after intervention by either by Tamara or Gwenellen. The author, Christina Greenaway has been very insightful and consistent about the principles that govern Life in this book, affirming that the reason we are here is to strengthen our spiritual muscles. This book is a strong and beautifully written testimony to the above.

A quote by Rumi taken from the book reads, ”Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth”. This quote sums up the effort made by the author in this book.

This is the first in a series of books called “The Awakening of Jewelled Intelligence”. Going by the popularity of the Harry Potter series, one can presume that the public response to this genre can only increase with time as more people explore their feminine side. Personally I enjoyed the book very much.

Warmly recommended.

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