Author: Larry Klayman
Publisher: New Chapter Publisher
ISBN: 978-0-9792112-2-6

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Attorney Larry Klayman always believed that no one is above the law. Disgusted with the abuse of power, the unethical and illegal behavior of government, the penchant for secrecy, lies and cover ups, he established in 1994 a watch dog organization, Judicial Watch. As Klayman quotes the second president of the United States, John Adams, if you don't have ethics, morality and religion, there will be no lasting liberty.

According to its web site, Judicial Watch is a concervative, non-partisan educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. Over the years Judicial Watch has been involved in dozens of lawsuits against the government and individuals connected to the government including the Secret Service, and Dick Cheney`s Energy Task Force. Klayman and his organization were also involved in representing the plaintiffs in the Filegate class action suit against Clinton administation`s illegally obtaining and misusing confidential government files in violation of the Privacy Act. In addition, Klayman investigated the the pouring of millions of dollars into Clinton`s election campaign by some Chinese officials in in exchange for permitting U.S. Defense contractors to sell technology to China which became known as the Chinagate scandal.

All of this and much more are exposed and analyzed in this explosive book, Whores: Why And How I Came To Fight The Establishment.
As Klayman states: " if I ever wrote a book about all of this, would anyone believe me." And after reading this bare all book, I could only shake my head and say to myself, did all of this actually take place! In fact, according to the publicity information I received from the author`s representative, HarperCollins first agreed to publish the book, however, ultimately it rejected the book because in its opinion it was unacceptable. Klayman contends that it was Rupert Murdoch, owner of HarperCollins that killed the book ex post facto as it was too hot to handle

Whores: Why And How I Came To Fight The Establishment is a warning or wake up call about the dangerous abuse of power which has infested all branches of government, the judiciary, and the press. Klayman provides his readers with abundant detail concerning his involvement with his multitude of law suits, all of which makes for some very interesting reading and he does come off as an individual trying desperately to change the system. Hopefully, he will inspire others to take up the mantle to put an end to the horrendous corruption that is so prevalent in government, business and the media. This is not to say, however, that the book is not without some shortcomings. For one, Klayman`s digressions concerning his religious beliefs and his family were overdone and should have been left out. I also felt that from time-to-time the book read as a journal lacking an effective narrative arc.

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