Author: T.L. Mitchell

Publisher: Knight Night Romance Publishing

ISBN: 978-0615385631

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Intrigued by werewolves and vampires? Then look no further than the novella The NightMan, by T.L. Mitchell. This novel, though only 55 pages long, is an erotic thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement and tantalized taste buds. Mitchell knows how to evoke a mysterious atmosphere, despite her approach not being of the most original: “A thick foggy mist floated silently through the trees, drifting down to the cold wintry ground.” Still, there is much for her young adult audience to appreciate, especially if you come to her work with minimal exposure to more evolved writing.

The historical background of the story is traced back to “the mid-evil times of Ireland, [when] Vikings invaded the Irish some 26 times following their first appearance on the island.” The characters are as believable as they can be in the paranormal genre, with more attention being paid to their superficial appearance than to the inner workings of their psyches: “The coats they wore complimented [sic] the frilly shirts and appeared to be more of the English formal ware.”

The plot itself is fairly straightforward. The NightMan tells of Caitlin, a beautiful woman who is caught between the control of a ruthless vampire and her yearning to be truly loved. The object of her desire is Adriel, the NightMan, who longs, in turn “to give Caitlin the love of a man who would truly love the very breath which left her body.” What holds him back from doing so is his transformation into “a tall, monstrously wicked and evil creature.” Their erotic encounter is described with fervor and in graphic detail by the ardent Mitchell, who portrays the two lovers as being consumed by hunger and desire for each other.

The NightMan will most probably find a wide audience among older teens and young adults who have yet to learn a great deal about life and relationships. As the genre is extremely popular at the moment, with much coverage both on screen and in text, the novella should receive a rapturous welcome from those who enjoy light reading and an uncomplicated plot. 

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