Author:Colin Christopher

Publisher:Manchester House Publishing


Success Through Manipulation provides a convincing picture of how our mind works. Most literature on brain function gets all wrapped up in this piece controls this and that piece controls that. Colin Christopher is a hypnotist and years of training and experience give him a much different insight into brain function. He treats the brain as two main computers, which he refers to as the conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Colin says the subconscious mind receives input from our five senses and responds to them based on how it has been programmed by past experiences. For me this conjures up an image of a myriad of nerves pumping in signals from eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin to be processed into images composed for the conscious mind and signals created for shipment via other nerves to muscles. To do this, it processes an astounding 20 million tasks per second! But it only lives in the present and with what it can put into images. Abstract thoughts like “don’t”, “yesterday”, “tomorrow”, etc. are totally ignored.

The conscious mind on the other hand deals with abstractions, guides the learning process of the subconscious mind and acts as a gatekeeper for information reaching it. Except in times of extreme stress of complete relaxation, it controls the programming and reprogramming of the subconscious mind. To do this it processes no more than 40 tasks per second.

The book delves into how these minds function by citing 57 laws governing their behavior. Each is followed by examples and discussion of how mediocre people (he calls them conventional thinkers) fail to exploit them and how successful people (unconventional thinkers) make use of them. To this he adds “thought manipulation action steps” as a guide for taking advantage of them. In a final section Colin gives examples of how he has employed combinations of these laws during hypnotherapy.

Babies are born with only a subconscious mind. The conscious one shows up later during the child’s growth and this explains why guiding a child’s development is so important. One is in effect helping to program its subconscious mind. Conversely, without parental guidance, television and video games are programming it and we are increasingly seeing the disastrous result of that.

While reprogramming the subconscious mind requires time, effort and repetition, it is possible and the book shows how. On a personal note, I am working at applying Colin’s lessons to my golf game and already scores have improved. The next step is to expand into other areas. Although the book has a few ups and downs from a readability standpoint, the lessons it teaches are easily understood and can be of great lasting value.

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