Author: Chloe Niell
ISBN: 978-0-451-22625-9
Publisher: New American Library (NAL)

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When author Chloe Neill is not bringing Merit's adventures to life, she can be found watching too much television, rooting for her favorite college football team. She lives in the Midwest, just close enough to keep an eye on the vampires at Cadogan House. Her debut novel, Some Girls Bite has received an outstanding amount of praise. If you're longing for a great plot with paranormal characters you'll have to check out this promising new series.

Merit, a twenty-seven-year old graduate student from Chicago's richest family, is attacked while walking across the University of Chicago campus. The predator…a rogue vampire.

 Ethan Sullivan, a four-hundred-year old vampire, the master of Cadogan House, saves her from destruction, but against her will she becomes something she doesn't want to be. A vampire.

 She wakes up three days later after the attack in the back of a limousine, shocked and thrilled to be alive. After discovering her new immortal life, equipped with unexpected powers, she instantly has a difficult time accepting Ethan as her master, but at the same time she is drawn to him in some profound way. She later becomes a special interest to another vampire, but does Merit share the same sentiments?

She now is a vampire, a Cadogan Initiate and her green-eyed rescuer is expecting loyalty and honor. Merit's one tough vamp and puts up a good fight. Not your typical vampire heroine. Packed with fighting scenes, special swords, and unanswered questions, Chloe's debut novel takes you on an exciting adventure through Merit's own two eyes.

Her roommate, Mallory Carmichael, comes along for the ride and adds some spice to the story.

 Who's to blame for the vampire attacks? Who's out to get Merit? Wouldn't you like to know. You'll have to read till the very end to find out.

 Discover how Merit adapts to her new undead life. Learn what it is like to be turned into a vampire against your will.

 Debut author Chloe Neill gives readers a fresh new voice with a touch of sensuality and humor. A perfect combination of a fast-paced mysterious urban fantasy filled with twists and entertainment. An appealing read fit for both genders and for all ages. Fans will savor each page until the next installment becomes available. If you like Charlene Harris, you'll LOVE Chloe's new release Some Girls Bite . This is just the beginning for the Chicagoland Vampires series. Enjoy!

Click Here To Purchase Some Girls Bite: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel