Authors: Janice Kiefer and Debbie Obradovich
Publisher:  Outskirts Press
PB ISBN:  978-1-4327-8031-9
HB ISBN:  978-1-4327-8489-8

                                Transforming a Mother’s Pain

The pain of losing a much loved child, is the kind of ordeal many parents beg to be spared. It tests their coping faculties to the limit and beyond. But in some, more fortunate cases, the departed can build a bridge of communication with those who are left behind to grieve. This book is the true story of one such soul who paved the way to a continual stream of communication with her shocked mother, who was immersed in intense sorrow.

Lauren Kiefer is the apple of her mother Janice’s eye. She is beautiful, energetic, boisterous, intelligent and proactive, besides being very close to her family. On Christmas Day, 2006, she is clubbed to death in her house, by a burglar who manages to flee, unnoticed.

Janice Kiefer’s life is shattered. However, the edge of her devastating grief is relatively short lived. The detective investigating the murder, a woman called Tiffany, is contacted by a psychic woman called Debbie, who is capable of receiving messages from the “other side”. It turns out that Lauren had “contacted” Debbie and asked her to pass on messages to her grieving mother, her sister and her maternal grandparents, saying that she was fine. These messages keep coming at short intervals. In addition, Janice experiences several instances of electrical disturbances, the scent of fragrant flowers and extraordinary coincidences, all of which made her realize that her daughter was closer to her than she consciously knew, and that she would have to establish their relation on a different plane of existence.

At first, Debbie took no personal contact with Janice, preferring, instead to pass on the channeled messages through Tiffany. A turn of events get them to meet and they recognize each other, having studied in the same school.

The messages from Lauren keep coming with greater intensity. It is these messages that have formed a major part of the composition of this book. And, going by the comments of the two coauthors, it does not seem that Lauren was a lenient taskmaster.

There are other books in the market, when a child who has passed on before a parent, (usually a mother), contacts the latter to re-establish contact and mitigate his/her grief. The series of books by Matthew Ward, through his mother, Suzanne Ward is one well known example, there are a number of others. Many of them have been written with a specific purpose in mind, for instance, to impart a specific kind of guidance, to prophesize coming events, to describe the wonders of the heavenly realms and so on. This book,as I see it, is geared to showing, as seldom before, how the bond of love, remains unbroken, even by death, how it remains ever present, even, perhaps especially, when the earthbound person does not expect it to appear. Not only that, this book points a way to an alternative and perhaps even closer interaction between two (or more) individuals, who wish it to be so. That it was written in close collaboration with Lauren, and in record time, is a clear indication of the feasibility of this collaboration. One could ask, after reading this book,  “Death, where is thy sting? O Grave, where is your victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55).

This book has been very well written and is a very fast read as well. It shows, as few others, how even our smallest thoughts are accessible to our loved ones on the “other side” and the magnitude of the help we can commandeer in our lives from them.

I recommend this book warmly to all, especially to those who have lost someone they loved. Within its pages, they will find much needed solace.

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