Author: Lynlee North Beckett
Publisher: Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1366-8

One of the best aspects of making your own fondant cupcake toppers is the ability to match them to your specific theme and personalize them for the guests of honor or the gift receivers,” Lynlee North Beckett writes in the preface of her book, Sweet and Unique Cupcake Toppers.

At two hundred and sixty-four pages, this over-sized paperback targets those interested in making charming and creative toppings for cupcakes or other sweet treats. With full color up-close photographs, tutorials, instructions, and tips, there are over eighty designs. An alphabetical index is included along with the author’s short biography.

After a preface, tips to use the book, fondant basics, coloring and painting, cutters and tools, tips and techniques, and cupcake tricks, there are almost two hundred and twenty pages dedicated to themed topping creations. The ending has ideas for displaying, packaging, shipping, resources, and credits along with the author’s acknowledgements and reviews.

From three to five pages each, themes of animals, cars, clothing, flowers, foods, insects, plants, sports, toys, and other items along with all major holidays, birthdays, special events, and the four seasons are shown, explaining how to make them out of the edible clay-like substance called fondant.

Each theme starts with either a full color page of one to several cupcakes with their topic versions or a page listing materials, cutters, and tools needed, followed by tips to simplify, accentuate, personalize, expand, or decorate and display. Each creation offers a level of difficulty from easy to average to complex. There are one to two pages of “how to” instructions, showing visuals of needed pieces of fondant to create.

One example would be the pirate theme: “X” Marks the Spot showcasing all three levels of difficulty making. With the treasure map being the easiest, the pirate ship is more complex, followed by the challenging pirate, complete with an eye patch.

By using molds, cutters, and tools, Beckett offers many tips in rolling the fondant, coloring it, keeping it malleable, and gluing the pieces together. What looks complex and detailed can be adapted with her tutorials and helpful additional tips.

No doubt time-consuming, these unique cupcakes are the perfect answer for edible gifts, impressive party sweets, or fun-filled treats for any occasion to celebrate. The only problem will be having the heart to eat one, destroying its one-of-a-kind creation!

Thanks to Cedar Fort for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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