Author:  Fay Rowe

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN:  978-1-4497-3368-1


One way to ensure we keep God in our lives is to keep him in our days. I’m convinced that as we start each day by turning our thoughts to him and his ways it will help us live our very best, and our thousands of days will be filled with his goodness,” Fay Rowe writes in the preface of her book, 25,000 Mornings – Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Life.


This one hundred and eighty-three page e-book targets readers looking for a daily devotional hopefully concentrating on the Almighty during their average sixty-eight plus years that equate to twenty-five thousand mornings. Using the Authorized King James Version of the Bible mainly, this reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.


After a preface, there are over one hundred and forty two-to-three page devotionals covering a random of topics. Most topics are of current day events, experiences, and connections occasionally blended with Biblical characters and subjects, followed by a simple written out Bible verse. At the end of each study, there is the author’s autobiography with reviews of other books she has written.


In addition to mentioning the author’s own ideas, beliefs, and attitudes, she reminisces her past as a teenager, speaks of her husband and his job, loves being a grandparent, deals with cancer, and explains antics of her cat, Casey. Trips to Disney World, Canadian writer’s conferences, and watching numerous television shows mix with 9/11, church sermons, coffee with friends, and physical shoulder pain.


Books authored by her along with Olsteen, McManus, C.S. Lewis, and Billy Graham are referenced besides the Biblical stories of Moses, David, Paul, Peter, and most importantly, Jesus.


As the over-fifty year old woman writes her Bible has fallen apart, the lawn has issues, and a new desk is coming, readers get light spiritual reminders of God’s presence daily. Granted she hones in that we need to be connected to our Lord daily and our focus should be centered on Him, yet most of her entries are more personal and about her as she accepts growing older.


If readers want to know the author’s opinions, thoughts, and experiences in a daily read and how she applies them to God, this is a book for them. But as a stand-alone daily connection to the Creator, one would do best reading the Holy Bible every day to hear His calling.


Thanks to Booksneeze for furnishing this book in exchange for the reader’s honest opinion.

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