Author:  Cecelia Ahern
ISBN:  978-0-0617-0630-1

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When you read a Cecelia Ahern novel the first paragraph tells you what you’re about to experience.  Ever since I first read, P.S. I Love You, which was her first international bestseller, I’ve always thought of Ms. Ahern as an artist…and not just because she’s a perfect wordsmith who can link exquisite phrases together that make people want to read each and every paragraph over and over again to digest every single word.  I mean artist in a way that you would look at the Sistine Chapel and pat Michelangelo on the back for a job well done.  Or how you would open the first edition of the Gutenberg Bible and be amazed at the workmanship that went into the printing.  Ms. Ahern, to me, is in that category – a woman of undeniable artistry that presents the finest plots and themes that I’ve ever seen on paper.
As always, with this offering, Ms. Ahern begins with an introduction of how the story that you’re about to read will be among the strangest, dramatic, mystical – absolutely cool books you’ve ever read.  Our main character, Tamara, mentions that certain people will not believe her story, but some will; those few people in the world with minds that have been unlocked to the impossible or the improbable; people who are a little less jaded and a little less cynical.
Tamara Goodwin is sixteen yeas old and has been through a difficult event.  She’s had it all growing up; her father was an excellent businessman who gave her and her Mum the ultimate life.  Tamara’s bedroom was bigger than a house, filled with a wardrobe that would rival the Queen’s.  She explains that she didn’t even understand then that she was a spoiled rotten kid who should’ve spent more time caring about her parents.  In fact, she never even said thank you.  But what Tamara never realized was that tomorrow would come and life could change on a dime.
After fighting with her father one night, and then finding him on the floor of his office the next day…death by suicide…Tamara is slapped upside the head by life and her Mum becomes a walking corpse around the house.  Everything is gone – the bank is repossessing their mansion – and everything that Tamara counted on being there for life has been ripped out from under her. 
few tomorrows later, Tamara finds herself in a small gatehouse in the quiet, boring county of Meath, watching bugs bouncing off the window panes in an effort to be free.  This is her reality now.  No more Starbucks and parties with her friends.  Even her Mum stays upstairs all day every day, never coming out of her room, in a depression so deep that Tamara can hardly figure out what the heck is going to happen next.

Rosaleen and Arthur are Tamara’s aunt and uncle, and she refers to them as the Deliverance Duo.  Although they took her and her Mum in so they wouldn’t be on the street, Tamara can’t stand the two of them.  Rosaleen acts extremely strange, always peering at Tamara and following her around the house – not allowing her access to her mother’s room.  All the woman does is cook and clean and talk about melodramatic stories of doom and gloom while ending everything with God help them or God love them – God phrases for all things.  Arthur barely speaks at all.  He’s the caretaker of the huge grounds that surround them.  Following in the footsteps of his father, Arthur still takes care of the big property that belonged to a family now gone – the last ones burned in a fire in 1992 when the castle crumbled around them.
Tamara finds herself desperate to get away from the strange couple but she’s in the middle of nowhere without even buses to aid her in her escape.  One day, however, she opens the door to a handsome young man who is driving a van called The Travelling Library where Tamara comes across an old diary with a golden clasp that shows her what tomorrow will bring.  As a beekeeping nun is introduced into the story that quotes Bruce Springsteen instead of scripture and seems to know far more about Tamara than she possibly could, this book enters into a world of secrets, lies, romantic obsessions, and characters that hold the answer to questions that Tamara hasn’t even asked yet.
What if you could know ahead of time what would happen tomorrow?  Would it be a good thing?  Could you use that information to change the future, or perhaps fix it or stop it before things blow up in your face?  This is the main question in Ms. Ahern’s fantastic novel that leads, once again, down the most mysterious paths that a reader can walk.
There is absolutely nothing bad to say about this book, guys and gals.  Even the cover and presentation of the novel is beautiful and will only enhance your bookshelves.  The maze of storylines and the secrets that are revealed will completely surprise you and make you want to read it all over again the minute you’ve come to the end.  Buy this!  There is absolutely no way you’ll be disappointed!  Cecelia Ahern has once again put together a story that you’ll never forget.

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