Author: Swami Devageet

Publisher. Sammasati Publishing


                                                     Spirituality and your Teeth

It is always interesting to read about a Western devotees’ interaction with a spiritual leader from India. Somehow, the story of the interaction, is fresher, more spontaneous and laced with a wry culture crash humour, than if the devotee had been Indian born. This book is the story of the author’s interaction with Osho, both as his personal dentist and a lay devotee. The story is mesmerizing in its depth, veering between the extremes of exhilarating joy and excruciatingly painful criticism, truly a roller coaster ride as a relentless purging of the author’s psyche takes place, in order to reveal the fullness of the Self within.

Osho has been extremely misunderstood by Indians and foreigners alike. His acceptance of free sex, his many Rolls Royces, which he flaunted publicly, his uninhibited public utterances on sundry issues, his inaccessibility at most times, served to shock the public at large and invite  their collective ill will and wrath. Yet behind these conflicting images, there existed a spiritual lion of a man, firmly anchored in the Now and singularly free from attachment of any kind.

The dichotomy between the above images of Osho and his true Buddha like Nature, has been explored very sensitively and with a rare, no-holds-barred passion in this book that has come to light, thirteen years after his passing.

Ordinary events become extraordinary when he (Osho) is involved. There is more under the surface than you or I can see or understand.” - Devageet.

As the title of this review suggests, there is a special focus on Osho’s teeth.

The author, Devageet, an Englishman, and a dentist by profession, had had an eventful life before he met Osho. When he met Osho for the first time in April 1976, he got hooked at once. He became a renunciate, returned to England to settle his material affairs. after which he came back to live in the Pune ashram where Osho was located. By and by, he was appointed as Osho’s personal dentist. The author recounts his life at the Pune ashram and later on, in Oregon, USA, where he experienced several moving instances of his guru’s love and support, when sidelined by other ashram inmates, especially while serving as a dentist. One gets a glimpse of how sensitive Osho’s physical body was to certain extraneous influences, e.g. electrical signals and the care with which his disciples protected him from intended or unintended harm.

One day, while taking notes of Osho’s dental condition, Devageet happened to add some extraneous remarks on life which Osho had taken up.This was the beginning of many dental discourse sessions, which continued with Osho’s voluntary participation and developed into the books, “Notes of a madman”,”Books I have loved” and ”Glimpses of a Golden Childhood”. “Glimpses….” went on to become a runaway best seller.

The dental discourse  sessions with Osho were simultaneously the source of supreme gladness as well as excruciating pain. Devageet remembers Osho saying “I may be in your dental chair, but you are on my operating table.” About his own reaction to the treatment, Devageet says, “I trusted without fully understanding that his drip-drip tortuous surgery was exposing and peeling away unseen layers of ego citadel fortifications...I caught sight of my denied feelings, each one, a fragment of long buried pain, locked away”.

If one reads only the chapters dealing with these dental discourses, one’s appetite could be satiated. But there is more to come.

Just before he passed on, Osho got Devageet to record a statement on the spiritual importance of our teeth, and how they store information from the Akashic Records. This last discourse contains the distilled wisdom of all Osho’s writings, where he explains why he acted as he did, compares his work to that of Buddha and Mahavira, why renunciation of women was recommended for sanyasis and much more.

This is a book that will not leave you unmoved. The everlasting relationship between a guru and his disciple is intricately explored with a moving honesty and a refreshing candour. Osho’s disarmingly infuriating personality comes out, vibrantly alive in this book.

Read this book if you wish to know more about the being called Osho. It captures his essence like no other.

Strongly recommended.

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