Author: Tim Fleming
Publisher: Neverland Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-988829077

But this was no normal job. Lying on the slab not two feet away was the slain body of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. And Liggett was now on his third reconstruction attempt,” Tim Fleming writes in his novel, The President’s Mortician.

At two hundred and forty-two pages, this paperback book is geared toward readers fascinated with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the ongoing conspiracy theories fifty years later. With profanity, violence, and drug use, it would be best read by mature young adults or older. Although there are three source pages at the end of the book, information regarding fictional verses non-fictional individuals would be helpful for clarification.

In this tome that has a blend of factual players, conspiracy theories, and obviously fictional characters, readers are sent back in time to the nineteen-sixties when our thirty-fifth president was supposedly shot by a lone killer.

Young twelve year old “Peeping Tom” Con Reese Jr. witnesses his next door neighbor being brutally beaten to death with a hammer but never tells the authority, even when her husband is charged for her murder. Yet Con will never forget the true murderer’s face.

Years later, Con befriends journalist, Durrell “Abbie” Monroe, who has a fixation with the cover-up of JFK’s assassination, finding that the real John Liggett, a reconstruction artist and mortician, altered the entrance and exit wounds of Kennedy before photographs were taken for the archives. This same Liggett looks exactly like Con’s neighbor’s killer so the two search for a link. While Abbie uncovers connections to actual people involved in our president’s death such as David Ferrie, D. H.Byrd, General Curtis E. LeMay, and LBJ to name a few, Con tries to exonerate the deceased neighbor’s husband.

Weaving witnesses’ recollections of Kennedy’s car coming to a complete stop (yet not on the Zapruder film where eight frames are technically missing), altered photographs with one missing the limo driver, two hospital inconsistencies with separate Kennedy bodies, and a plethora of those no longer alive to tell the truth, Fleming explains a Secret Empire with the Civil Air Patrol, Operation Mockingbird, and Occam’s Razor to show how we have been duped believing Oswald was the lone shooter.

As Con repeatedly questions why he cannot divulge his past, support his allegiance to friends, or accept his responsibilities, the book is a pulpit expounding a conspiracy that has been in place long before Kennedy became Chief. Although somewhat unbelievable at times and repetitive, readers may walk away wondering the “what if” once again.

This book was furnished by the author in lieu of a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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