Author: Florence B. Weinberg
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
ISBN: 978-1-60619-114-9

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You know…you miss so much when the entertainment/Hollywood world “moves in” and makes things like Twilight the only “beloved” book of the year.  We do. We miss the real gems that are offered to the reading public.  Gems which SHOULD be listed among the bestsellers.  Not only because of the subject matter, but because of the pure research that a writer has taken the time to unearth for you, the reader.

Sonora Moonlight is a book set in 1761.  In Sonora – In the Guevavi Mission, Father Ygnacio Pfefferkorn has malaria.  He is being treated and coaxed back to the present by a Pima Indian medicine man (who is one of the greatest characters, by the way, that I’ve come across in literature.)  The medicine man’s assistant is his half-Pima, half-Irish, yes, Irish woman by the name of Patricia O’Meara.

This is the set up for not only a wonderful mystery. A murder, which is grisly by any standards, has been blamed on “Indians” and the Father is putting is whole life and livelihood in jeopardy to track down the real murderer.  This is also a fantastic beautiful romance. Patricia is desperately in love with the Father but her loyalties are based solidly with the Pima Indians and her friend, the medicine man.

These three wonderful characters are stuck not only in their ideals but the beliefs of their forefathers who handed this down to them.  Can you be in love without losing yourself?  Can two factions of the world who sincerely don’t get along, find it among their hearts to accept the other?

I don’t want to categorize this only as historical fiction.  I want all readers of mystery fiction, romance fiction, and even political fiction pick up this book and learn.  Learn, study and understand what people will do to change without losing the core soul that keeps them fighting for another “better” day.

Again…congrats to the author. 

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