Author:  Mckenzie Wagner
ISBN:  978-1-4621-1285-2

Benotripia: The Stones of Horsh is a story about three friends, Jessicana, Astro and Roseabelle, who are hell-bent on saving their home. Put to the test of finding the Stones of Horsh, they have an arduous task ahead of them. Up against monsters, allies turned enemies and some bad luck, the young adventurers battle against all odds.
Every child on the island is gifted with an ability and by using their special gifts, they set about giving themselves the responsibility of saving their people.

This is a delightful fantasy youth fiction of friendship, loyalty and heroism. Intrigued to hear that this novel is written by a 12 year old girl, it is well written with a mixture of creativity, maturity and believable characters.  Written in the style of Rick Riordan, her characters come alive on the page.

The plot falls in line with the fantasy genre and the story line grabs the reader and makes you excited to turn the pages.  The dialogue is what is typically spoken between the age category she is writing for and it's filled with humour as well as information that moves the story along.

The story is set on Benotripia sometime after returning from rescuing Roseabelle's mother Danette, on a previous adventure.  If you have not already had the chance to read book one Benotripia: The Rescue, I suggest you indulge yourself in the pleasure.

It seems like a lot of trouble for three young teens to burden themselves with but the author writes the story in such a way that you look up to the characters. With conflict after conflict thrown in their path, the three friends endure and continue on without giving up, even when it looks like it will be all over for them. With co-operation and determination, they strive to succeed.

As a parent, it would be the death of me to find out that my child has left home to endanger his or her life in order to save out homeland. With that type of anxiety while you read the story, you end up routing for them to get back home safely.

At the end of the book, Mckenzie Wagner has an interactive discussion by asking questions to engage the reader into how much was understood from the story. From the way book two ends, there may be another installment on the way.

Mckenzie is a talented and aspiring writer and I can't wait to see what other literary creations she has in store for us.

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