Author: Gabriella Francine with Solara Vayanian
Publisher: Big Blue Marble Books
ISBN: 978-1-938504-02-0

Mountain gorillas are an important part of life on our planet. The gorillas spread seeds in the forest for new trees to grow. They let sunlight reach the mountain floor as they move around, so more trees and plants can grow,” Gabriella Francine with Solara Vayanian writes in her children’s book, Let’s Make a Difference: We Can Help Protect Mountain Gorillas.

This thirty-two page hardcover square book has two gorillas on the front cover. The back cover has five book reviews, mainly from organizations involved with protecting the endangered species. Having no profanity or scary scenes, the book is geared toward elementary school aged children or older, especially those interested in nature and the environment.

Written to acquaint young children with endangered species, the publisher’s main goal is to teach and educate children about species facing perils, underprivileged people, and depleting natural resources through its “Let’s Make a Difference” series.

In this educational tome, baby gorilla Pikoe lives with his mother and father in the cold, misty Virunga mountains of Africa. With less than nine hundred mountain gorillas in the wild on the planet, they are a vanishing species.

Gorillas are different than humans in that they crawl and walk at an earlier age. Between twelve and fourteen years old, they are considered adults and can be up to six feet tall and weigh up to four hundred and fifty pounds as they co-habit in family units comprised of fifteen to twenty-five animals.

These peculiar mammals eat up to seventy five pounds of food daily including leaves, vines, bark, shoots, roots, and sometimes insects but their favorite treat are blackberries. They make a new nest to sleep in every night.

Being endangered mainly due to humans, Dr. Dian Fossey studied gorillas in Rwanda for eighteen years, leaving a plethora of information about them. After her death, a fund was established to protect and care for these rare species.

By promoting collecting coin jars to help mountain gorillas, the last page lists thirteen organizations to donate to and nineteen zoos to visit to see the unique animals. Besides learning these creatures’ lifestyle, food choices, and living habits, this book encourages children to make a difference and give back to protect our earth’s wildlife.

Big Blue Marble Books furnished this book in lieu of an honest review.

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