Creative writing is a finely honed skill. We can temper it and study it until we are blue in the face, and we still will not have plummeted its depths. That is what makes it so fascinating.

Many creative writers attend the public educational system to sharpen their prose and poetry skills, and this author certainly applauds all who make such a grand effort. However, the question becomes, is it necessary to invest multiplied thousands of dollars on colleges the average person cannot afford. Is the same thing available for less money? The answer is yes.

The pioneers of yesteryear provided a mentoring system for their children because they understood the need for education and progression. Indeed, many of America's leaders who were instrumental in forming this great nation were tutored at home. Those who dare to challenge the mentoring system should keep this in mind.

·Abraham Lincoln attended school only a few months

·George Washington had the equivalent of an elementary school education

·Davy Crockett, who was elected to the State Legislature, had almost no formal education

·The eloquent diplomat, statesman and scientist, Benjamin Franklin, quit school at the age of ten and

·Thomas Edison, the father of 1,093 patented inventions, only briefly attended school.

As you can see, one's skills are not limited by a mentored education. In fact, today's populace is so disconcerted with traditional education that over one million disgruntled families now mentor

their children at home.

We might ask the question: Do parents qualify as mentors? Indeed, some parents are even high school dropouts. Even so, the National Home Education Research Institute reports mentored children outscore their public school counterparts by 30%. As more and more people realize the advantages of private tutoring, the number of home mentored children continues to grow.

Perhaps the real question is, what qualifies a person to teach? According to the dictionary, teaching is “imparting knowledge of or skill in; giving instructions”. By definition, mentors would certainly qualify as bonafide teachers.

The traditional system finally sees the need for salvaging children who have fallen between the cracks. They are providing a new system for these children. And who is doing the teaching? Mentors. Is this a silent confession that holding every student equal to a given goal is ridiculous?

Here's what the mentoring system can offer you:

·Instead of being assigned a number like a prisoner in cell bock D, your mentor will know you on a first name basis

·Your mentor will be available daily to answer your questions and guide you through the mire of journalistic rules.

·You compete only with yourself as the mentor escorts you from your present level to your individual highest potential

·The mentoring system is available at nearly half the price you would expect to pay in the traditional system.

·You will be certified in the courses you take

* Educational patterns and rules vary from school to school.

Indeed, the mentoring system is at least equal to traditional teaching. In some cases, it even surpasses it.

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