General Editor: Doris Rikkers
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-4143-8564-8

The Wayfinding Bible offers three routes through the Bible using the innovative Bible Mapping System. Each route will take you through a series of chronological readings that capture the main storyline in God’s Word,” is stated in the User’s Guide of this New Living Translation of the Bible.

At fifteen hundred and twenty-two pages, this paperback book is one more way to read the Scriptures, especially targeted for those who are new believers or want a choice of four different ways to read God’s Word.

Promoted as three different routes to read, one can follow the airplane icon to read fifty-four pivotal key points in the entire Bible. Or read two hundred and fifteen sections by following the straight arrow direct route. The wavy arrow is the scenic route that includes three hundred and eighty-six readings of more in-depth reading. A fourth route is presented at the end of the book that encompasses all Scripture in a chronological order.

With each page having a light blue short topic of the reading story, there are short observations and exploration points. Also included are book introductions, eight critical bearings, starred historical markers, scenic maps, and topical side trips. At the end is an “itinerary” with the three coded routes, a complete list of side trips, a chronological reading list, features index, prophecies list, listing of Old Testament verses in the New Testament, image credits, points of interests, and maps.

If one selects the fly-over route, the reader misses out on many important and known scenarios of the Bible since there are only fifty-four readings that cover the sixty-six books (thus several books are completely ignored). If the direct route is chosen, the coverage is better, averaging two to three readings per book so one can glean a better understanding. However, the best option would be daily reading completely through the entire Bible to get a well-rounded knowledge of the Word of God.

As a precaution note to readers using the New Living Translation, this version is known to omit partial or complete verses and changes words from their original meanings (i.e. in the book of John using the word “through” instead of “by” in 1:3, omitting phrases in 1:41, using “one and only” instead of “begotten” in 3:16, removing 5:4, and taking out 7:53 through 8:11 to name a few issues).

With the plethora of sidebar information such as genealogy, tribes of Israel, event charting, topical photographs, referencing Jesus in the Old Testament, and correlating prophecy, there are informative, interesting facts to learn and understand despite the version chosen.

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