Author: Jonathan Chevreau
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4669-7213-1

"Financial Independence is not the same thing as Retirement. It means you continue to work because you want to, not because you have to," Jonathan Chevreau writes in his second United States edition of Findependence Day - How to Achieve Financial Independence: While You're Still Young Enough to Enjoy It.

Targeted to the young and old who want to be financially independent while still healthy and active, this two hundred and seventy-seven page paperback book is different than the standard "do exactly this to achieve great wealth" textbook. This is an engaging story that draws the reader in while teaching smart, reliable and logical habits to save and make money throughout each stage of one's life. Although it reads like a novel, each chapter ends with a short summary of what can be gleaned financially from the discussion, making it a good addendum to academia on finance.

The tome opens with young twenty-something year olds, Jamie and Sheena, a married couple on a television show about debt management who are criticized and scolded about their chronic over-spending while credit cards are being cut up. Through "guerrilla frugality", the new-found "froogers" mark their future Findependence Day on a calendar as July 4th, in the year Jamie turns fifty years old, to be debt free.

As the story progresses over a twenty-five year time period, the reader innocuously learns from nice guy, Theo, an older, seasoned financial advisor, how to invest, build wealth and save over a lifetime through paying off a mortgage early, eliminating all debt and maintaining multiple streams of income. However, sleazy Al, an aggressive sales executive who appears wealthy but is irresponsible financially, seduces Jamie time and time again to fall for schemes, money pitfalls and job losses that disrupt and practically destroy the couple's married and family life.

Playing off classic rock songs and an undercurrent of vinyl record albums with their iconic references, chapters take baby-boomers back to the sixties and seventies in music as the tale blends consumer electronics with the internet and blogging. The goal becomes finding a purpose when, after financial independence is reached, one works because he or she wants to instead of has to as a lifestyle choice.

For a technical topic such as finance, the writer does a splendid job keeping the reader educated about using a line of credit to consolidate loans, investing in mutual funds involving IRAs, pensions, REITs and lazy portfolios while having monetary ducks in order as the years fly by. If you spend less than you make now, you can easily save ten to twenty percent for later by using Chevreau's "Bloody Well Right" (Supertramp) suggestions.

This book was furnished by the author for review purposes.

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