Author: William McNally
ISBN: 9781481953627
Publisher: Createspace

With Halloween just past, I thought that having a book review that peaks your interest in the paranormal would be appropriate.  When you see the cover of this book, you feel as if it's going to scare you to death and rightly so.  A dark humanoid creature with long, sharp nails clawing at white gauze wrapped around its face is disturbing, and can either deter anyone from picking up the book or draw a reader in for a closer look. 

This paranormal book by William McNally will have you at the edge of your seat.  The main character, Barry Ryan, is given the opportunity to find a cure to his health issues with a bone marrow transplant and his only way out is by getting in contact with a family member.  It's disconcerting to find that he is an orphan but after paying for information to complete his family tree, he finds out he does have family that he can call upon for help.  He begins his journey with his sister and her boyfriend, to an out of place town called Auraria.  When you get there, you realize that it isn't an ordinary town and strange things happen to people who stay.

The title of the book, Beneath The Veil, is a perfect description of what the inhabitants describe the town to be.  When the inhabitants are found to have been trapped for a number of years, the main characters find out that it's going to take a whole lot to try to escape.  You start to wonder what kind of family does Barry have?  Who is he going to get the help he needs from?  How is he going to get help?  The reader begins to feel that all hope is lost for the main character and the people he brought along with him.  They get themselves into a lot of trouble and you are hoping that they can get themselves out of it. 

There is a slew of conflict in this novel.  Everyone is trying to survive from these creatures the town folk have changed into.  It's like falling down a rabbit hole in Wonderland to find out that it has turned into a nightmare.  Emotions run rampant when people they know start to get killed by the handful and no one can do anything about it.  Fresh out of ideas, they just try to run from one broken down farm to the next in order to survive.  Sooner or later, they realize they have to stand and fight if they were ever to get out of the town alive.

William McNally takes the contemporary world and turns it into a horrific scene for terrifying events to occur.  What if you were stuck in your home town with no way out?  How would you survive and go about saving others?  The novel gets your heart racing and trying to find answers yourself. 

The plot makes sense.  In many medical situations, transplants and blood transfusions for example, require family to be the perfect match so it makes sense for Barry to go hunting for a family member to help him.  Unfortunately, being an orphan, you don't know who your family is and what they stand for.  When the main character finds out, his heart drops to be told that his family was one of the worst people in town and it was because of them that the remaining people were cursed.  It leads him to believe that he won't find the help he desperately needs and his life will be lost forever.  His sister, Jen, tries everything in her power to help him but finds out that the problem is worse than she could ever imagine.

Beneath The Veil is a roller coaster ride of emotional and physical turmoil with the characters trying all they can to survive.  It's a good book and it was enjoyable to read.  It's geared toward people who enjoy fictional horror so be warned.  If you can endure the bumps in the night, it's a good read.

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