Author: B. Pine

Publisher: Silver Leaf Books, LLC
ISBN: Print: 978-1-60975-049-7; eBook: 978-1-60975-050-3

The second book in The Draca Wards Saga is a relatively short book (240 pages only) by B. Pine. The second book picks up from where it last left but this one has several firsts. Like the blooming romantic interests between Wards. The special children now have each other for company and they are getting powerful by the day. Their emanations threaten Dragons but even with their best of efforts they are unable to completely outwit children with their stratagems. But failures do not deter them and make them more blood thirsty (a signal for a third book). Politics and infighting between Humans and Dragons and several dead bodies mark every second page. But yes this one really seems like one for teenage kids.

There is kissing and girls are not ‘all that trouble’ after all for young men! The writer creates a perfect teen life teeming with affairs, tiffs and even some scandals. The writer captures the fluttering of the little hearts pretty well and the gore that was the highlight of the first book does not raise its head in the second offering. In fact, this book mostly captures the mind games; an excellent thing because the writing is crisp when it comes to this aspect.

The writer captures strategies and is able to weave them into words that make understanding even on the part of a novice easy. Another great aspect is the editing of the book; no unnecessary detail to swamp a reader’s mind and nothing that would take mind away from the plot. The unnecessary din created by children, a feature in the first book, is tamed in the second book and that is a welcome relief! The story has enough gallant moments to savor and enough friendship lessons for the young audience which would keep them hooked.

The sole criticism that may come is for the climax. The climax really could have been a bit boisterous; readers really expect a bombastic climax that would entice them to keep following the series. When such a creative writer is penning the book that shouldn’t have been a tough task either; she has proven herself in the fight and romantic scenes. So, this is the only thing that must be addressed.

Rest, this book is a great read. The characterization is flawless, the plot is breathtaking and even the little trickeries employed by the Dragons do not annoy much, as reprieve is always at hand. And no, not adults but the children themselves entangle the situation which is a great aspect of this book. The writer really has done the job well. Worth a read!

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