Author: Miralee Ferrell
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 978-0-7814-0808-0

She wants you to believe that, and perhaps it could be true for the most part, but deep down each of us wants to trust we are loved, respected, and yes, even liked, by the people around us. I don’t think your mother is an exception,” Katherine is told in Miralee Ferrell’s Love Blossoms in Oregon series’ novel, Blowing on Dandelions.

At three hundred and sixty-seven pages, this paperback book is the first in the series set in the late eighteen hundreds about a widow and her family living in Oregon. With no profanity and mild romantic physical contact, the historical fiction is targeted toward Christian women. At the end of the book is a chat with the author, discussion questions and historical notes along with the first chapter teaser of the second book in the series.

Katherine Galloway has been a widow in Baker City, Oregon for the last three years, raising her daughters, Lucy who is thirteen years old and Mandy who is six. When her sister dies, her cantankerous, frank, outspoken mother is strongly determined to come to live with them.

Taking in boarders for income, Katherine has her hands full with the guests and raising her daughters but is mortified when her mother shows up at their doorstep, mainly because the woman has always made her feel unwanted, not welcomed and unneeded. Knowing her parent will try to take over everything, she tries to be respectful, ever holding her tongue toward the domineering lady.

When Micah Jacobs and his fifteen year old son, Zachary, are invited to stay at the boardinghouse, Katherine has to step gently between her caustic mother and new boarders as she questions feelings she and possibly her daughter may have for the man and his son.

With other guests observing their every move, the Galloway family look for approval, love and acceptance with one another as the matriarch constantly causes upheaval and misunderstandings. Through the turmoil, pent up emotions and hurt, they have to learn to rely on God for strength, forgiveness and grace.

Although predictable, Ferrell concentrates on true wisdom by blending God’s Word and helpful lessons of child rearing, carrying for others, turning the cheek and forgiving one another. With so many characters in play, there is plenty of room for more friendships and love in Oregon in the next book of the series.

This book was furnished by Bookfun for review purposes.

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