Author: Dale Brown
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN:  978-0-06-156087-3

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Rogue Forces from Dale Brown is an explosive bomb of a book! The author, a former air force captain, is one of the uncontested specialists of the air force. He knows everything about the planes, devices, and tactics of air defence and military attack. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable about the workings, the secrets, and hidden corners of this part of American defences.

In this book Dale Brown imagines, “What if the Army’s private security contractors became uncontrollably powerful?” A company, Sky Masters Inc, is originally contracted to provide air transport services into war areas in Iraq.  Attacks by Kurdish nationalists are increasing and the governments of Turkey and Persia are determined to erratic them as a threat in Iraq.  The new American president is reluctant to join them after having promised to get the troops out of Iraq.  That leaves Scion Aviation International as the only power strong enough to help fight the Kurds.  This places Patrick McLanahan, head of SAI, in a position of great power.  Who will be able to reign in this new war god?

With a well constructed story, Brown manages to frighten us because he describes so vividly and with a lot of scientific and technologic logic the workings of the contractors for the US Army. Just imagine, what if the events in this novel were true? It seems possible, it takes place in areas everybody has heard about, has a crazy commander, the top leaders are arguing to take position, the military people are sent there indefinitely; this song is well known to us. When politics and security are mingled it is expected, but when private companies put their hands in the matter, it is quite different. With the ability to transform a traditional civil plane into  tactical aircraft weapons and many other things as well, it makes you realise the power of these firms, supposedly hired to protect us!

The accurateness of the details and explanations he gives makes you believe every word. We can tell Brown knows his subject by heart and with his talent you are sure to be glued your armchair, the book shaking in your hands because you are so excited to figure out what is going to happen in the end.

Is this page turner book? Very much so, thrilling and surprising it will captivate until the last page.

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