Author: Dana Simone Stovall
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4787-1177-3

Do the things you NEED to do for yourself, then do what you WANT to do for others. Understand the difference. Doing for you is not a want; it is a need. And being selfish is OK if your core of concerns and needs include your mate, children, friends, and community; but only if you take care of you first,” Dana Simone Stovall suggests in her book, What’s In Your 24? - How To Get It Done Without Getting Undone.

This seventy-eight page paperback book is a quick read targeted toward women who want to learn how to use their time more efficiently and effectively as a lifestyle choice. After acknowledgements, a table of contents and preface, there are only three chapters in sixty pages that can be read within sixty minutes. Written for mainly Christians, all chapters start with a Bible verse yet included are two instances of minor profanity.

Single mother Stovall is a FDIC bank examiner who has always set goals and priorities in her life and shares her personal life style changes. In the first chapter, she discusses having a vision by setting a goal and implementing it through ignoring the negative voice inside and programming the mind to envision the vision instead.

The second chapter is the most important called “Brain Surgery” as it promotes using applied knowledge for power to achieve the vision. She discusses in detail two types of selfishness and how one works and one does not. She believes that we do not get things done because we believe everyone else is more important than we are and need to stop sacrificing ourselves.

The final chapter is about applying the tools learned to fulfill the vision. Here she lists twenty-four random time-efficiency tips such as using lipstick notes on the mirror, working out or getting a pedicure while children do their homework or participate in sports, color-coding calendar reminders, limiting food intake both at restaurants and at home in the refrigerator by having healthy snacks on hand and lifting weights while stopped at a red light while driving.

With Stovall’s up-beat cheer-leading and stories about her job, saving money for her iPhone, and learning how to stick shift driving, a young woman may be encouraged to improve her time-management tasks to achieve a goal reading this short book. However, mature women may consider that life always has ups, downs, steps backwards and forwards that God allows where we cannot accomplish every vision for a specific reason He only knows.

This book was furnished by the publicist for review purposes.

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