Author: Jennifer Forest
Publisher: Artisan House
ISBN: 978-0-646-90092-6

Is it possible to have flexibility and hours that let you be there for the kids, while still earning good money in a satisfying career? I don’t mean small amounts of token or pin money. I mean money that makes a good contribution in the average middle-class household budget or completely replaces a wage.” Jennifer Forest states in her book, Work Women Want – Work at Home or Go Part-Time.

In this two hundred and twenty-three page paperback book, the Australian author discusses the topic of getting out of the regular go-to-work rat race to be home with children and still make a decent income. The book is geared toward young mothers, but men, students and retired individuals could consider many of the income-generating suggestions based at home or on a part time basis.

After an introductory chapter about why a reader would consider the contents in the book reiterating women trying to do “it all,” there is a chapter about the writer’s personal twenty-two year education and employment path.

The third chapter explains the format of the majority of the book that gives seven questions for the reader to ask regarding personality, time, money, skills, mindset, authenticity and learning when approaching what type of at-home or part time job to acquire.

The next eight chapters go into specific types of home-based jobs that range from being a party planner or multi-level marketer, selling homemade crafts, offering professional services, trading on the stock market, doing internet tasks involving blogging, selling and surveys, having part-time positions that involve children and going back to school for advancement.

Each chapter includes the author’s experience or interviews with others who have made a decent income related to the idea, the seven key questions asked and websites for further reference. She explains what kind of person does the job, how much time it takes, how much money to start up, what skills are necessary, what type of mindset is needed, how to be true to be successful and what can be learned through the pros and cons of the occupation.

There are two chapters asking what the reader gleans from the income-generating ideas with several fill-in charts for starting and marketing a business or negotiating a part-time plan with an employer. The final chapter is a repetition of websites and book lists that are already mentioned in the prior chapters.

For young women that need direction and encouragement to take the leap to work at home, Forest has given simple and quick information on several common avenues to choose from to make money. Since this reader successfully has her own at-home business for over twenty years while raising children and has tried several of her suggestions, the topics are true ways to make some kind of an income but each person may or may not relate to them or find them successful.

This book was furnished by the publicist for review purposes.

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