Author: Anita Higman
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-8024-0580-7

It seemed clear to me now what God was up to – that He’d put us together to help each other through the same plight, the same familial turmoil. I wasn’t sure how it would all work out, but life was no doubt made easier by the empathetic camaraderie of similar circumstances. What mystery there was in the Almighty and His ways,” Lily conveys in Anita Higman’s novel, Winter in Full Bloom.

At three hundred and four pages, this paperback book is a Christian contemporary fiction targeted toward readers who enjoy romance, relationships, and redemption. With no profanity, overtly sexual scenes, or extreme violence, it is about dysfunctional families looking for reconciliation and forgiveness. The end of the book has acknowledgements, a note to readers, and a short author’s biography.

In the past year, thirty-nine year old Lily Winter has buried her husband in Texas who wavered from their marriage vows, sent her only daughter off to college, and learned a deep, dark secret about the past from her cold, callous mother she had not seen in ten years.

Feeling a lack of conclusion in her life, the woman takes flight to Australia to verify what her mother told her, with only a little information and a lot of determination. While sitting on a park bench with nowhere to turn, she meets a quirky, mysterious man named Marcus Averill who quickly throws her world off balance.

After Marcus agrees to help her on her mission, he admits that “some things aren’t easy to mend, but when they are precious enough, it’s worth the effort” as they track down the truth while divulging their secrets, passions, and regrets of their pasts involving each of their families’ histories.

Through traipsing Down Under, Lily not only experiences Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Yarra River, and Princes Bridge while learning about jumpers, laneways, wombats, mozzies, and lamingtons, she finds what she has been looking for in years.

By forgiving and loving others while shedding anger and bitterness, Lily, Marcus, and other family members are forced to deal with heartaches, abuse, and tragedies as some accept, understand, and move on in their lives.

Written in first person with a predictable, almost-too-perfect ending leaving room for a sequel, Higman touches the readers’ hearts regarding giving up all worries, problems, and fears to God when they seem untouchable, unforgiveable, and sometimes unwarranted.

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