Author: Gene Twaronite
Publisher: Gene Twaronite
ISBN: 978-1-481998086

Do you remember growing up and reading fun, fanciful and fantastic stories of unrealistic dreams, ideas or scenarios? In Gene Twaronite’s Dragon Daily News – Stories of Imagination for Children of All Ages, one is taken back to his or her childhood imagination memories as they are passed on to a younger generation.

In this one hundred and forty-one page paperback book, there is a creative illustration by Johanna Hoffman of two bored, lazy green dragons seated at a messy office desk on the front cover. With a table of contents, an acknowledgement page and eight page introduction of how most stories were invented, the book has twenty-one short stories  ranging from three to ten pages long that are written with no illustrations.

Targeted toward young readers or those of us adults who have forgotten the fun of written creative imagination, some of the Twaronite’s stories have been published in Highlights for Children, Read (Weekly Reader), In Short: How to Teach the Young Adult Story, Comic Tales Anthology, Kids’ Magination and Mouse Tales Press.

No stranger to childhood memories, fantasies or day-dreaming, the author’s tomes include books whose necessary words float away, a school that goes on vacation, trees that cause wind, a birthday-gift rhinoceros who is homesick for the Serengeti, a time traveling pencil sharpener, an airplane that is afraid to fly, a herd of three soybean-loving tofus, and a man who has an outside-inside house.

Besides the invented runaway glacier that escapes from the freezer or the girl who is stuck in the photographic book on the Grand Canyon, the writer promotes valuable lessons such as naming the ugliest street in America by forcing another street to take its place when people clean it up, making the time to be with grandparents or other loved ones, looking at the positive side of life when everything bad happens or fighting a bully intellectually.

Favorite tales could be the news reporter dragons and a boy that need to prove their existence, a walking-away fig tree in a weird garden or a man’s arduous project ridding roaches, geckos, snakes, cranes and wolverines from his apartment.

With so many creative, inspiring and fun-loving fables, this is a perfect read for the young reader or even adult that initiates pure imaginative enjoyment or to read as whimsical bedtime stories. Like Twaronite states in his interesting introduction: “There are no rules” – especially towards making up artistic, impossible but charming yarns.

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