Author: Ginger Garrett
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 978-0-7814-4888-8

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The end of the Middle Ages came from the Black Death, a horrific plague that tore through Europe starting in Sicily, Italy, 1347.  It destroyed the feudal system and led to more freedom for the average peasant from their lord and more freedom for thinkers from the church.  It is in this heady time that the book, In the Arms of the Immortals, takes place.

The tale starts in the modern day with Mariskka Curtis, who has had an incredible stroke of luck.  She has risen to superstardom by publishing a book she has stolen from a dying patient.  Little did she know that she had stolen a book written by angels and in publishing it has called their attention to her.  They realize she is without Blood, without Christ, and she is given an unusual punishment.  She is thrown by in the past to witness the horror of the arrival of the Black Death and perhaps save her soul.

The majority of the book takes place in Sicily 1347, the believed starting point of the Black Death in Europe.  A stranger arrives in a little sea side town, a rich man who is eagerly welcomed by the nobility of the town.  Soon, people start dying horrifically from blood pouring from every opening and skin tainted with large, swollen boils.  How could they know the stranger was Death and the battle for good and evil was being fought in the streets of their town, among the dying?

This story is an interesting take on the Black Death.  Scientists have stated the Black Death or Bubonic Plague was caused by btites of infected flea, but many first hand reports tells of hemorrhaging and sudden death.  This is not consistent with Bubonic Plague.  Garrett incorporates both reports and creates a horrifying picture of the Plague that is quite similar to first hand reports.  It was as if Death itself suddenly attacked and took almost everyone in a few horrible days.

Also, Garrett turns this tale into something deeper than just a story of death.  She takes a little known fact, a stranger was often seen in villages just before the dying started, and creates a wonderful story about good and evil battling it out over the souls of the dying.  Souls are struggled over and won and lost as humans suffer and call out for mercy.  Its historical fiction kicked up a notch and infused with mysticism.  Great stuff and a wonderful read.

Click Here To Purchase In the Arms of Immortals: A Novel of Darkness and Light (Chronicles Of The Scribe)