Author: Linda Heavner Gerald
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN: 978-1-4241-2611-8

Then I remembered again who I was; a child of the Most High God. I would not allow negative feelings to poison my thoughts,” Laura contemplates in Linda Heavner Gerald’s novel, Will He?

At two hundred and thirty eight pages, this paperback book has a barren field of rolling hills on the front cover with trees in the background. Although there is mild profanity and topics that range from rape to drug and alcohol abuse along with mental instability, the book is supposedly targeted toward Christians. There are numerous punctuation errors that sentence meanings often get lost in their translations. This reader wishes all pronouns related to God were capitalized for reverence.

Laura Lombardi is a twin and at age ten, both her wealthy parents die in a plane crash. As per her parents’ wishes, she is sent to her Aunt Sophia’s house in Italy while her mean, evil twin brother, Lars, is sent off to boarding school. Being from a rich family, Laura is tutored at Aunt Sophia’s Belvedere estate by Mr. Mancini, who happens to like sixteen year old Bonfila, a young woman who Sophia also has taken under her wing. Gabby and Geppe are the Italian’s castle keepers who float in and out of the story, protecting the young girl.

When Laura is only sixteen years old, she returns to her home in America to take over her parents’ house (even though the will states she has to be twenty-one), starts college at Suffolk University earlier than her peers and becomes best friends with Amelia, who later succumbs to the attention of Lars, who not only gets her involved in drugs but also impregnates her. With the Lombardi family history of misogyny, Laura is constantly afraid of her brother’s anger, hatred and cruelty but rarely sees him or keeps in contact.

Besides the constant explanations of what each meal consists of, what color and style of clothing with matching shoes everyone is wearing, and the myriad of materialism, one struggles through the tome’s family dynamics, the heartbreak and loneliness of a young girl’s self-absorption and the redemption that God keeps us safe.

Although there are interesting parts of high society living, the history of the residences and creativity in the arts, the age and maturity of young Laura sometimes is challenging and unbelievable. The twist at the end is unexpected yet not all the loose ends are sewn together such as no one mentioning Lars when those saved joyfully return to the house for hot chocolate and cookies. When the third manor is described in detail at the end, it is no surprise that in this story, everyone left lives happily ever after.

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