Author: Lysa TerKeurst
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-32032-6

I can’t promise you that I’ll be the hero of this book. No, not at all. But I can promise you’ll find a friend who’s been there, understands, and has learned some helpful wisdom,” bestselling author and national speaker Lysa TerKeurst confides in her book, Unglued Devotional – 60 Days of Imperfect Progress.

This two hundred and one page paperback book is targeted to Christian women; mainly those who have school aged children and especially teenagers. With it being more of her personal journal of her daily thoughts and observations, the devotional is separated into sixty days of two to four pages each. Each devoted day has a Bible verse listed first, then the author’s quick one or two line thought for the day followed by several paragraphs about a specific topic, and completing with a prayer. The ending has a five page appendix that helps one determine her reaction type to problem solving.

What do you do when you become totally unglued from one of life’s daily challenges? Do you blow off steam, blame someone, play the martyr or shut down emotionally? TerKeurst writes each day's devotion as if she is writing in her journal, expressing her pitfalls, disappointments, reactions and inadequacies for one to read and relate to as a way of encouragement.

As the writer states, it is alright to have set backs where one can take baby steps instead of long leaps. Knowing we continually fall short due to our own sins, we need to quit being so critical of ourselves and others but be thankful and remember who we are in Christ. She reiterates that comparison-thinking stinks, we all have insecurities and none of us can avoid failure – it is how we react to them to become less unglued when they happen.

With stories from Mother Teresa to Biblical Jehoshaphat and Joshua to “growth opportunities” disagreements with her husband or referencing to armadillo’s underbellies and the pizza man, the author writes with sincerity splashed with humor and humility in bearing her own findings and faults. Five of the days’ devotionals are her procedure manual that conclude with the exhortation that your reactions determine your reach. Through understanding our pride, heart, soul, mind and feelings, we need to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Christ.

Although each day is very personal to Lysa as she tells her own stories, some of the days have no reference to a Bible verse except for the beginning verse of the day yet other days mention several. The journal format is a way a reader can see how TerKeurst feels and thinks but the Holy Spirit may intervene to help deal with her own issue that day.

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