Authors: Peter Jennings and Nicole Moore, Authors

Publisher: Dundurn Books
ISBN: 978-1-45973-217-9

Before you make the same mistake I did with Peter Jennings, he is not The Peter Jennings of television fame. However, he is, and has been, a very hard working and dedicated writer for over 40 years. He has penned fiction, non-fiction, a number of articles, scripts, and videos. You can learn more about him by visiting his website.

I had not heard of Nicole Moore before reading this scary book. Nicole Moore, co-author and subject of this book, is a Canadian native with roots in Italy and America. (2015, p.15) She used to enjoy ballet and sports before settling on Nursing as a career. She lives in Canada with her husband, two daughters, father and faithful hound, Marley.

I lived in Florida for many many years and much of that time never considered sharks as a possibility for danger beyond a healthy dose of not agitating them or steering clear when you see them coming your way. I had heard of numerous shark attacks in the more recent decade and have since decided that my days in the surf were no longer necessary. I have never seen a shark attack and hope never to see one.

Nicole was attacked in 2011 while wading waist deep in the turquoise blue waters off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. It began as a pretty ordinary day and ended up anything but that. She had been there with a group of friends celebrating one in the groups fiftieth birthday. This fateful day she played beach volleyball, which she loved and then headed for the water to wash off the sweat and sand. Unbeknownst to her there was a double shark sighting up the beach at another resort and the people there were asked to get out of the water. No such warning was issued at the beach she was on. She had no warning of the impending danger that nearly cost her her life. As she walked out into the water a jet ski nearby was diligently trying to herd the sharks out to sea.

One succumbed and the other decided to see if there was anything nearby to eat. That hungry shark decided to give Nicole a big bite. He first bumped her from behind. She remained calm and cool. He then took a giant chunk out of her left thigh. This bite left only bone behind. She still remained calm not knowing how badly she had been hurt, but noting that her leg had no strength and she was losing lots of blood.

She strained to get back to the beach, but it was a very difficult enterprise. She flailed her arms to help build momentum, but the shark misunderstood or perhaps was not finished tasting her. He came back and leapt out of the water taking her left arm in his mouth. Nicole figured she was finished, but not ready to give up the fight. With the help of the jet ski she finally makes it to shore and she is coherent enough to determine she needs help asap or she is going to die. People flock around and watch her gasp for air, but do not help. Someone has called the emergency responders, but will they get there in time to save her? Is she destined to die on this hot beach?

Read Shark Assault. Heed the warnings. Note her strength against this dire adversity and her ability to move forward without remorse. It is an unbelievable tale!