Author: Rea Nolan Martin
Publisher: Wiawaka Press
ISBN: 978-0-557-07495-2

                                            A Surrender to the Will of God

Over the centuries, the prescription to a happy, problem free existence for the common wo/man has been “Let go, let God.” This prescription has been mercilessly exploited by power mongers, both at the political and the religious levels, by leaders, who by virtue of their position claim to have their own hotline to God. As a result, they have steered many hapless men and women to their doom.

The aftermath of religious persecution (often for personal and political gain) has led to widespread atheism and the erection of other pedestals, prominent among them being science and rationality. The very idea of a close, intimate, one-to-one relationship with a Divine Being has been often relegated to be the product of a fertile and overactive (feminine) imagination.

Yet, the times, they are a-changing. The altars of rationalized, testosterone dominated power structures are losing their sheen, as more and more people, especially women, are awakening to their own, innate divinity, and learning to act on the promptings of their own, inbuilt GPS system. This book tells the (fictionalized) story of a woman who does just that.

Vera Wright, a beautician was sitting at Mass, when the officiating priest laid out a challenge to his parishioners, daring them to invite God into their lives. Vera took up the challenge but she wasn’t prepared for the consequences, that that action would initiate. Not only does her own life gets entirely transformed, there was a domino effect over the lives of her friends and associates, and their lives are also changed drastically as a result of Vera’s transformation. Miracles take place, and wishes come true for those who believe, however, tragedy strikes as well.  With hindsight, all turns out well, but throughout the manuscript, it is evident that something akin to a Higher Consciousness chose Vera’s persona to anchor itself on Earth, to the extent that Vera allowed it.

Vera Wright’s trump card in this story, over her detractors (one of them is a priest who doubts her suitability for being an instrument of God, on the grounds of her being a woman) is a total belief in her own truth and the conviction that God was working through her. So, the minister’s exhortation to her to repent, for her sins in order to deserve, falls on deaf ears. Vera avers, all along, her truth that as God’s child, she deserves everything automatically, being who she is.

This is a refreshingly original and unusual story.  It has been well written, and is very readable, a real page turner, in fact. Vera’s relation to God is that of a friend, very forthright and modern, anchored in the Now. At the end of the book, is a channeled message on the need of the times, purportedly by Vera, but which could, for all intents and purposes, be from the author herself, or a source she trusts.

I recommend this book warmly to all, especially to those, who, as I have, questioned  their faith. It can provide balm to your wounds that you have kept locked out of sight, in a corner of your heart as you realize that there is more to Life than meets the eye.

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