Follow Here To Purchase How Angels Die: A Confession

Author: Guy Blews

Publisher: Waldorf Publishing        

ISBN: 9781634439374

                                    A Modern Day Version of “Love Story”

What can you say about a thirty four old girl who died? That she was beautiful and brilliant? That she loved dolphins and Diet Coke? And Krispy Kreme? And me?”- Love Story by Erich Segal.

In this real life version of “Love Story”, Oliver and Jenny are replaced by Guy and Jemma respectively. They meet at a Hollywood party and after a short span of knowing each other, become lovers. They share a rare and passionate intimacy powered by a love that is as unconditional as it is mutual. Both value their individual independence highly, so they live in their own apartments, while meeting each other as often as their jobs and other activities allow. Their relationship can be paraphrased as arising from a togetherness expressed by Kahlil Gibran’s famous words, “Drink from each other’s cup but do not drink from the same cup.”

In the real world, however, permanent happiness is an impossibility to come by. There are trials and hurdles to be overcome, as we learn more about ourselves as well as our extended selves. In this love story, it turns out that Jemma, not unlike Jenny in “Love Story” is stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease for which there is no cure to date. Jemma slowly wastes away in front of Guy’s benumbed senses. At the end, she decides to euthanize herself and entreats Guy to help her. Because of his unconditional love for her, Guy complies. After three failed attempts, Jemma succeeds in her mission, leaving Guy to mourn her loss.

The above may not seem like much of a story. It is the writing of the experience that would confer this book a pride of place on your bookshelf. Guy Blews is a very talented writer and he conveys the essence of his struggle with himself, his compulsions and his dilemma in such a moment- to- moment fashion that the reader is drawn deeply into his life and gets an insider’s view of the events taking place.

True intimacy is rarely glimpsed, when it is present, it never fails to strike a chord. This book carries a story of the kind of closeness shared by a couple that touches the divine due to the unconditional nature of the love that they share for each other. A love so strong that Guy could assist the one he cherished above all others to commit suicide.

If  you wish to read a real love story, read this book. You will not be disappointed.

Warmly recommended.