Author: Vaishali
Publisher: Purple Haze Press
ISBN:  978-1-935183-09-9         

                       A Guidebook to Life that was not given to us

This is a book, the reading of which left a trail of fragrance that lasted over a week. I felt blessed for having read it.

In this book, the author dwells, in greater detail, on the basic philosophy behind her earlier books You are what you Love and Wisdom Rising I.

As in Wisdom Rising I. she presents a prescription for living under the three headings of Mind, Body and Spirit. Therein, she talks of creating a life, where the ego has been sufficiently chastened, and lightness and laughter replace routine imposed heaviness and boredom. A life embodied by the immortal words of the Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,
 Where knowledge is free
 Where the world has not broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls
  Where words come out of the depth of truth....”

In the Mind section, Vaishali gives specific prescriptions for the all too well-known problems on relationship, money and health. She illustrates her points with incidents from her own life, (a life that has had more than its fair share of trials and tribulations), with cartoons at the beginning of each chapter and also with some tabloid characters, Bugs Bunny among them. There is a chapter that provides very practical tips on how to handle sociopaths without going into “victim” consciousness. About economic problems, Vaishali shows how to deal with them in funny and joyful ways, precluding a return to a “scarcity” mindset.

As per health problems, Vaishali emphasizes the need to love one’s body and the necessity to abandon the tenet of “one size fits all”. This is how she makes incursions into the Eastern medicinal traditions of Ayurveda which characterizes people into three main groups and treats maladies from the standpoint of their basic constitution.

The last section on Spirituality is especially readable. Drawing from the works of the Swedish mystic, Emmanuel Swedenborg, whose major dictum as Vaishali sees it, is “You are what you love”, she shows that spirituality ultimately boils down to a specific choice that one exercises every moment of one’s life, a choice of love over fear.

In this book, Vaishali also counters “doomsday “ predictions around the end date of the Mayan calendar with a strong anchoring in the Now. This input forms part of an interview with Kathryn Brinkley, editor of “Kinetics Magazine” which is also featured in the text.

This book was for me, a joy to read and a very fast one as well. The text flows fast, the ideas topple themselves pell mell into your head and their originality feels like cool, soothing showers on a hot, sunny day. This book has transformational power, Vaishali has gone through many vicissitudes in her life and she has used them as stepping stones to a future where she helps many others go through their own challenges, one at a time.

I recommend this book warmly.

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