Author: Doris Rueger
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1-469937564

Leroy “Satchel” Paige said, “Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.” Doris Rueger, author of the children’s book, Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love and Fame, tells the tale of an elephant that grows old by never forgetting her past memories or friends and learns what really matters.

With forty pages, this ten by ten inch paperback book has a drawing of a bright pink elephant walking in flowers on the front cover and a paragraph about the book on the back with a photograph of the author. There are colorful, simplistic, childish crayoned pictures on almost three quarters of the pages with some pages only containing wording. Almost every page has a flowered border on the top and bottom of the page. This “Pinnacle Book Achievement Award” story is geared toward pre-school to early elementary school children with no scary or questionable scenes. Due to the length of reading, a beginner reader may have some difficulty or an adult may have to take longer than normal to read as a bedtime story.

This tome is about Ella, an elephant that is born at a large zoo and taken care of by Zeppo the Clown who pampers the pachyderm by always dressing her in pink. Of course, she loves the attention everyone gives her by wearing pink clothes, pink shoes, pink jewelry and even pink earrings. But when she grows up, she can no longer fit into the pink costumes. She moves to a new home owned by wedding planner Anna, who continues to dress her up in pink, but this time for wedding ceremonies where Ella is loved more.

Years later, Ella becomes older and gets tired of performing for the weddings so asks to retire to a quiet zoo. There she sees herself no longer as the pretty pink elephant but now a wrinkled, gray old beast who no one cares about or notices. Her old dear friend Zeppo visits her and the two friends remember how many friends loved her through the years. Zeppo tells her it is not her outward looks and appearance that matters to others, but how kindhearted, gentle and loving she was toward them that she makes her so special.

This book not only shows how to look for the good in others, but to remember that it is what is inside us all that makes us special, even as we grow older. It is a good teaching tool about learning that outward appearances tend to be superficial and unimportant.

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