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Author: Kathy Brodsky

ISBN: 978-0-578-05059-1

Publisher: Helping Words

Purrsnikitty, which I can only imagine is pronounced [per-snick-itty], is the humorous tale of an adorable cat that is very aware of just how wonderful and special he is!  After being rescued from a shelter, because he was the best, Purrsnikitty learns the ways of being a pet and part of the family.  He has the normal troubles of a cat, including hair balls, learning not to jump and break things, and general mischief.  However, he also has all the perks!  He can sit so tall, curl up anywhere, strut his stuff and hide!  He likes to play, which includes chasing and pouncing things he sees.  The family is not overjoyed when Purrsnikitty bring home the things he has pounced on.  As a result they buy him a bell to warn all mice and birds that he is around.  He has the grooming needs of a kitty and easily gets himself in trouble by scratching up the couch.  This always curious, territorial cat is thrown for a loop when the new family member is brought home!  After all, what cat needs a dog?  Soon even Purrsnikitty realizes how wonderful another family member can be.  He likes to snuggle with dog when he is cold, and play with dog now that he is big!  Purrsnikitty again learns about being friends and part of a family.

What a wonderful delightful book!  My daughters loved it!  My four year old daughter has asked to read it multiple times.  Here is what she says when asked about the book:

They went to the shelter and picked out Purrsnikitty, he was the best!  He licked his fur, got hair in his mouth and spit it out!  YUCK!  He broke stuff.  The little girls’ mother says “No kitty!”  He sits, he curls, he walks and hides.  Why does he hide?  The kitty chased the mouse and then gives it to his parents.  He was a bad kitty who scratched the couch.  He got in trouble for that.  He stares and jumps at birds.  His bell rang, it scared the bird.  They bring home a little doggy.  He doesn’t like him, he likes mice.  The doggy takes walks and cuddles.  He got big and they were all friends!  This book is great!  My favorite part is all about the kitty.”

As you can see, my daughter had plenty to say about this wonderful book.  It tackles the daily life of a cat, but also goes deeper by prompting the reader to realize when the kitty behaves and misbehaves.  It also tackles the issues of being a responsible pet owner as well as how to adjust to knew people, whether friends or family.  There are wonderful discussion question as the end of this book that my daughter has asked to read and discuss.  The questions are just as much fun for her as reading the book.  She readily answers me and we have engaged in many conversations regarding family, friends and others due to the questions.  Purrsnikitty is a book full of fun and learning for all ages.  Children are bound to love this adorable tale!

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