Title: My Dog Ate It!
Author: Zev Lewinson
Publisher: SwordPen Publishers
ISBN: 9780979965371

Most kids will get their homework done before dinner. But then there are those few stragglers and procrastinators who forget about their homework. When this happens the excuses begin to roll off little tongues in the classroom. At least that is what happened in Ms. Regents class. The class has a few students whose minds seemed to wander. Some daydreamed of hamburgers and snowball fights. When Mr. Regents asks for homework assignments, the students snap out of their daydreams and begin to make up excuses as to why they don't have any homework to turn in. One students dog ate his homework, while another spilled soup on his. This goes on and on with the exception of Sara, the perfect student. She always turns in her homework. To get the other students wanting to actively participate in regards to turning in their homework, Ms. Regents devises a plan of unhomework. The students are required to come back the next day with the best excuses of why their homework didn't get done.

Lewinson has created a wonderful story of imagination. Parents and teachers will have fun getting young readers to make up creative stories of their own. Beautifully illustrated pictures with warm pastel colors make the pages more inviting with each turn. A great family read for any imaginative reader.

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