Author: Dr. David Che

ISBN: 978-1-878398-26-0

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Readers who believe in the Law of Attraction will surely find Dr. David Che’s book, Total Law of Attraction, extremely helpful and insightful. If you are already familiar with the Law of Attraction, fear not. This book provides a wealth of information regarding emotions, the importance of gratitude, a manifestation plan and the significance of detachment. For example, Dr. Che reviews how the Law of Detachment works and how it is necessary for individuals to practice if they want to attract money, careers, relationships, etc., into their lives. Dr. Che discusses, in detail, how this law must work in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. If not applied properly, the Law of Attraction may not work.

Dr. Che takes great care to reveal the importance of emotions when attracting various things into one’s life. He gives the reader simple instructions on how to visualize, apply emotions, and manifest the law to attract the things they want. Dr. Che thoroughly explains details such as the conscious versus the unconscious mind and he has readily prepared answers to almost any objection a reader may have.

The author does a very thorough job of explaining the complex scientific theories surrounding the Law of Attraction such as how thoughts become particles and waves. The scientific discussion may be helpful to skeptics who disbelieve the law. He breaks down quantum physics and mass energy into simplistic terms that novices like me can understand. I actually found myself wanting to learn more about Einstein’s theories!

When a point is extremely important, Dr. Che will emphasize it by capitalizing the word or words. While this could be distracting to some, I found it helpful, particularly if I wanted to leaf back through the pages and reference something later.

One thing that I noticed that was indeed lacking in the book was any mention of how the Law of Attraction worked specifically in Dr. Che’s life. Other than the fact that he is a dentist and has an interest in the Law of Attraction, information gleaned from his bio, no other references were made. Interestingly enough, just when I was thinking how I would like to see some proof that the law worked in his life, Dr. Che discusses the importance of not wanting to see proof as this could be detrimental to the law working in a person’s life.

Readers who are interested in learning more about the fascinating Law of Attraction, how it works and, more importantly, how to accurately apply it in their lives, will find Dr. Che’s book extremely insightful, engaging and useful as they manifest positive changes in their lives.

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