Author: Nancy Du Tertre

Publisher: New Page Books

ISBN: 978-1-60163-227-2

Whether or not you believe in “psychic” abilities or have an interest in the works of Edgar Cayce (as I did growing up),  all you need to find this book absolutely fascinating is an interest in the science of neuro-physics. The author combines credible (albeit amazing) developing science with unusual and extremely interesting autobiography (and her search for her own roots) in a book that explains complex theories in a very accessible manner. Each chapter is a lesson and the progression of lessons moves along in a manner wherein each lesson builds on what was learned before, just as you would expect in a well organized course taught by a professor. Early on the author explains why she decided to write the book:

“I wrote this book with the specific purpose of trying to logically explain the illogical experience of intuition and psychic ability.  I do not try to explain the origin of psychic phenomena.  I wanted to bridge the gap between the skeptics and scientists on the one hand and the believers and intuitives on the other. To date there has abeen little or no conversation between the two groups. Skeptics have no experience with psychic intuition and therefore no reason to believe in it.  Psychics have every reason to believe in it because they experience it, yet they have no ability to explain it in logical terms.” (p.16)

In fact the author has herself experienced psychic intuition and does an excellent job of explaining how this phenomena could have developed in the logical language we expect from an attorney.

I was pleased to see her reference (on  p. 61) to an article about Oscar the Cat (who could sense the aura of imminent death around residents of a
nursing home) by Dr. David Dosa.  I’ve long been a believer in the psychic sense of dogs and cats and enjoyed reading (and reviewing on this site) Dr. Dosa’s book about Oscar last year. So clearly I was a reader sympathetic to the subject. But while I whole-heartedly recommend this extremely well researched and well written book to people who already have a belief and interest in the phenomena of psychic intuition,  I  recommend  it with equal enthusiasm to skeptics who I believe will become convinced of the scientific credibility of psychic intuition when they read it through.

In lesson (chapter) 6 about the famous (or infamous) 6th sense the author explains why she does not believe in a 6th sense: because there are in fact so many more senses than a mere six.   What makes this book so enlightening as well as extremely entertaining, is the fact that it all makes such perfect sense!

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