Author:  Lyzz Yamazaki
Publisher:  One Peace Books
ISBN: 978-0-978508-49-4

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Not your typical run of the mill ‘self-help’ book My Life by Lyzz Yamazaki does not tell you ‘do this to fix that.’ Rather the workbook format provides questions along with space to fill in your answers. Unlike other self-help books the questions you are asked to answer honestly and from the heart help the reader to look deep into themselves and their life.

The key idea behind My Life is before you can change your life, your circumstances, and your surroundings you must first know what it is you want from life and in life. To do this the reader is asked over 250 questions starting with simple questions such as your gender and who named you. The workbook ends with a series of questions including “Suppose you’re sentenced to live for only one more year. What kind of life would you lead?”

My Life is broken down into six chapters: Introduction, Myself, Love, Relationships, Money and Vision. Each chapter contains a series of questions about the readers past, present and future in that area and in a friendly light hearted manner guides the reader to see what they can do to achieve a life they would be happier with.

Although the workbook seems ‘simple’ on the surface right down to the almost child like illustrations do not be fooled. This book forces you to dig deep into your soul and take a serious look at what you may have done differently, what you had no control over and what you can change in yourself to improve your life.

After reading My Life and answering the questions anyone should have a good look at who they really are inside and be better prepared to work towards a happy future. As author Yamazaki says, “All people have the right to be happy, and the first step in claiming that happiness is knowing who you are.”

Author Lyzz Yamazaki specializes in trauma as a therapist and in addition to her self-help books she also trains therapists and treats patients through correspondence courses, telephone consultations, and individual sessions.

I would highly recommend this book, My Life by Lyzz Yamazaki to anyone who would like to improve or make changes to their current circumstances or to anyone who may just be interesting in taking a look deep inside themselves without making weekly office visits to a ‘shrink’.  Be prepared however, some of the questions are more difficult to answer honestly than you may think but that’s ok, no one needs to see your answers but YOU.             

Click Here To Purchase My Life: A Workbook