Follow Here To Purchase No 3 Putts: What the Pros Really Want You to Know to Improve Your Putting

Author: David Perry 

Publisher: Wise Media Group

ISBN: 978-1-935689-54-6


Since putting in golf accounts for forty to fifty percent of their total score, good golfers want to make sure they always have the least amount of putts on the golf course.  In Dave Perry’s No 3 Putts, the reader can learn tips, tricks and exercises to decrease the number of strokes on the green to become a better golfer.

This paperback book of one hundred and fifteen pages is a quick read that can be picked up often to remind a golfer how to improve his game.  A bright green jacket cover shows a gold golf ball ready to enter the cup on a golf course green.  It has short one-to-two pages of Table of Contents, Forward, Author Biography, Acknowledgements and a Note to Resellers and Affiliates.  No grammatical or typographical errors were noticed except that all numbers are numerical, not typed out (including the title).

The book contains ten interviews of top golf professionals or teachers presented virtually by similar topics or questions.  Each pro has a short biography and black and white photo at the start of his or her chapter.  All interview questions are in bold type with the answers in a nice size font.  The reader can easily look up the same question under each pro’s chapter (such as throwing the golf club, numerous roadblocks to putting or humbling or memorable feats).  There are also short tips or notes in double boxed areas within the chapters that easily stand out to the reader.

The crux of the book is to learn how to putt more adequately and precisely at the ten foot range and to practice making all two foot or less putts go in the cup.  There are tips on how to read a green, how to relax and act like a six year old instead of a stressed out, intense player and how to properly stroke the ball.  It states often patience is a learned virtue, do not get frustrated with failure but learn by being humbled when a three putt (or more) occurs and most of all, enjoy the game.

Perry does an excellent job in both interviewing and writing the book because it is organized easily through consistency and formatting that the reader can glean from each of the ten pros on one topic and learn collectively from them.  This book is a nice gift for the casual weekend golfer with a high handicap or the more serious tournament player scratch golfer.

Follow Here To Purchase No 3 Putts: What the Pros Really Want You to Know to Improve Your Putting