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Author: Reid Lance Rosenthal

Publisher: Rockin’ Sr Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9821576-3-3

Who ever would have thought that a fourth-generation cattleman and rancher, with his feet firmly grounded in the soil of the American Midwest, would have the imaginary zeal and literary prowess to bring to fruition in a series of novels of sweeping grandeur the essence of the evolving landscape of the largest nation on the North American continent? Yet that is exactly what Reid Lance Rosenthal has done, and is continuing to do, in Threads West, An American Saga. Following on his first, much acclaimed volume in the series, Threads West, comes Maps of Fate, which has already garnered a host of awards in the Western, Fiction and Romance categories.

Rosenthal’s command of the nuances of the English language is fluent and strong. His descriptions range from the sensual and evocative, such as in his exploration of the relationship of the Native American Walks with Moon with her husband (“She savored the warmth of his whispers.”), to the harsh and dramatic, as is so clearly visualized in his account of the renegade marauding party (“Black Feather rose, scalp in one bloody hand and the silver-red knife dripping in the other.”). Rosenthal is as aware of the intricacies of his own language as the characters are of themselves (to be seen, for instance, in mountain man Zeb’s feeling “a grin grow under the bushy shadow of the handlebar curve of his heavy, long mustache”) and their surroundings (as when the slave woman Lucy, in her plans to escape the oppression of their conditions, speaks “in a low tone, with a glance at the door”).

Apart from his excellent characterization of his entire cast, Rosenthal also pays conscientious and painstaking attention to details of the setting in which he portrays his wide-ranging cast, going so far even as to pay attention to minute intricacies of dress.

Rosenthal’s incisive and dramatic revelation of the core elements of spiritual and moral fibre that have contributed to the making of the American nation makes for an unforgettable saga that has already been favorably compared to Larry McMurtry’s bestselling Pulitizer prizewinning account of life in the American West, Lonesome Dove (with the promise of Rosenthal’s work surpassing the other in both scope and extent) and to James A. Michener’s inviting glimpses into the entire history of North America in one volume in Centennial (with the Threads West series being more focused in time, thus allowing for greater in-depth exploration of character). With growing awareness of, and interest in, the unfolding and evolving saga, it is likely that Rosenthal’s epic masterpiece will come, in popularity, to rival even some of Louis L’Amour’s best loved work.

Follow Here To Purchase Maps of Fate: Book Two (Threads West an American Saga)