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Author:  Karina L. Fabian
ISBN:  978-1-897492-36-9
Publisher's Name:  Dragon Moon Press

Mind Over Mind starts off right into the story, introducing the two main characters and where they are in relation to the scene.  Karina L. Fabian gives the reader insight into their characteristics and gets right into the meat of the story by providing the reader with the problems that are faced by both of them.

Ydrel is a student patient at an institution because he is a cause of danger to himself and others.  He has an uncanny ability to absorb the emotions of those around him.  He hears voices in his head that make him collect important data and he doesn't know who or what is asking for the information.  He believes it may be someone or something from another planet, which is the reason why he now lives in the institution.

Joshua is a school student who has taken on the task of working in the institution to further his career.  He has been asked to befriend Ydrel in order to get inside his head and help him understand his ability enough so the doctor's can convince him that it's not real.  Once Joshua does become his friend, he starts to find out that Ydrel's condition may not be all made up.

The reader experiences many conflicts through both the main characters.  Ydrel is fighting his ability and feels more comfortable away from people, since he can sense what those around him are sensing.  It overwhelms and overtakes him to the point where he acts out the emotion that is coursing through him.  Joshua is conflicted from wanting to be Ydrel's friend and also trying to keep his professional relationship separate.  When he begins to realize what Ydrel has is a true ability, he takes a different approach and helps Ydrel to understand who or what is communicating through his brain, even against the views of his fellow co-workers.

The setting is the mental hospital and the relationships that build between the characters happen within the confines of the building.  Ydrel, Deryl Stephen by birth, has made most of his home between the white walls and doesn't care to live outside of it.  Joshua is trying to convince him to move on with his life so he can experience what it's like, besides the life of the institution and its staff.  Joshua is trying to get him to learn to cope with his abilities instead of trying to deny that Ydrel isn't a fake because clearly he is possessed with a gift.

The reader feels for both characters – Ydrel since he doesn't know much about life outside the hospital and Joshua who is trying desperately to have his new friend experience more than a clinical lifestyle.  You watch two young men grow into their own and build a strong friendship between them.

Mind Over Mind is an entertaining fictional novel that is a delight to read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and science fiction.

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